Snail Race Night Belfast Ireland

Event Date: 21 May

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Mount Masonic Social Club, Belfast, N. Ireland, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Amon 613 ML & Gibson 87 ML

Notes: An 8 race fundeo snail racing race night with all the snail athletes and the races named and the sponsors names all added too - all called out by our virtual host to boot. Speech bubbles are added for clarity. This should be a great fun night of molluscan mayhem so slip along and enjoy the show. UPDATE: 100 turned out for the show and had a great time. £1200 was raised plus another £1600 at the bar- well done.

Testimonial: "Excellent service, great night's 'Craic', would recommend, easy money." Evan C.

Total Raised: £1,200

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Ballygowan Slimey Derby: Lucky Strike, Danny Boyo, Kingdong, Having A Mare, Thons Coorse, Yes No Yes, Dusty Carpet, Annie Laurie
Race No.2 - The Grand Smashional: Dundonald Slippy, Renees Ringer, A J Charger, Louies Leeper, Bretts Banker, Logans Lion, Mayas Mavrick, Slip into First
Race No.3 - The Saggy Bottom Stakes: Foundation, Jim, Sydney, Dannys Dream, Wee Falurrey Man, G G Vegas, Quare Baste Hay, Snaily McSnailface
Race No.4 - McDonald Transport Crawl: Burning Rubber, Snott, Motor Shell, Beth Belter, Naomis Necromancer, Taties Trouble, Saucey Shazza, Houston wehaveaprob
Race No.5 - T F Clyde Saunter: Pedigree Chum, Dexies Midnight Run, Jet, Katies Kiss, Grannys Bloomers, Cuprinol, Pats Revenge, Youhue
Race No.6 - The 87 Masters Slimey Cup: Some Snail, Some Other Snail, Fona Fabelles, Tony Maloney, Angels Wings, Kim at 50!!!!!!!, Ross The Boss, Moneyreagh Mare
Race No.7 - McLean Forte Architects Crawl: Stevie, Ballinderry Boyo, Annie Rosie, Dictie River, Come Home Sober, Ironing Board, Amon Express, Tesco Finest Burger
Race No.8 - The Tyre Centre Finale: Jumping Jacques, Jetting Jay, Mothering Marge, Crazy Kevin, Swinging Sven, Jammy Jimmy, Hopeful Horace, Entertaining Eddie
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Alan McGarry: Ruth Gregory, Kieran McCambridge, Rachel McGarry, Kieron Holmes, David McCormick, Michael Gray, Owen Spiers, Rodger Cairncross
Race No.2 - Jim Wilson: William Hicks, William Hicks, Jim Wilson, Jim Wilson, Jim Wilson, Jim Wilson, Jim Wilson, Jamie Wilson
Race No.3 - Tom McCurley: Owen Spiers, Kieron Holmes, Joel Arbuthnot, David Patton, Roger Cairncross, Robert Gregory, David McCormick, Michael Gray
Race No.4 - Peter McDonald: Jamie Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Evan Corbett, Evan Corbett, David Houston, David Houston, David Houston
Race No.5 - Foster Clyde: Kieron Holmes, Jayne Gregory, Joel Aebuthnot, Joanne Patton, Roger Cairncross, Owen Spiers, Tom McCurley, Michael Gray
Race No.6 - Alan Francis: Michael Gray, Michael Gray, Kieran McCambridge, Kieran McCambridge, Roger Cairncross, Evan Corbett, William Hicks, William Hicks
Race No.7 - Kieran McCambridge: Joel Arbuthnot, Kieron Holmes, Kieran McCambridge, Roger Cairncross, Michael Gray, Owen Spiers, Kieron Holmes, Iain Grogory
Race No.8 - Tyre Centre 161a Clandeboye Rd: , , , , , , ,
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