Club Charity Race Night Berks

Event Date: 16 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Purley Sports and Social Club, Reading, Berks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Cricket Club fund raiser

Notes: An 8 -race fundeo snail racing charity race night for club funds made up in a U certificate for family viewing with minors present and with names and sponsors names added. Slip along and enjoy the fun. UPDATE: 100 turned out and £1000 was raised at this event which was rated excellent across the board.

Testimonial: "A really fun evening enjoyed by all who attended." Barry C.

Total Raised: £1,000

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fundeo Funrace: Down Under, The Kaiser, Larry, Speedy Knitter, Clownfish Snail, Mr Polo, Emerald, Snail Dystocia
Race No.2 - Treasurers Trot: Snailty Snail, Burghfield Bomber, Rita is a Rooter, Beast, Slow Coach, Button, Jeff Albertson, Thatcham Rocker
Race No.3 - SSC Pursuit: Rebers Strike Rate, Jack Inoff, Farnes Barnes, Ground Doctor, Slower than Josh, Magical Brian, Bonnie Annie, Shelly
Race No.4 - Good Old Boy Gallop: Eddie, Boring Boycott, Norcot Artist, Snail Trail, Unsalvageable, Russy Baby, Louis Van Snail, Eleanor Abernathy
Race No.5 - Fosters Furlong: Beauty, Pepsi Princess, Lightning McSlime, Stan, Turbo, Princess, Ticket, Slippery Sammy
Race No.6 - Captains Canter: Director of Cricket, Devonshire Bangs, The Tank, Howard Brown, Dont add salt, United on the Up, Armin Tamzarian, Alpaca Tracker
Race No.7 - Square Steeplechase: Outta Michelle, Pacy Beth, BBC Cav Slayer, Maid in Stone, Hamilton, Freddy Ted, Noddy, Emerald
Race No.8 - Grand Auction: Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction, Auction
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Beauty Box Challenge: Barry Carter, Ken Duggan, Dave Peddle, Win Povey, George Wheeler, Kathleen Allen, Paul Strange, Tasha Schultz
Race No.2 - Barry Carter: Gerry Duggan, Patrick Allen, James Measham, Beauty Box, Martin Bishop, Kirsty Schultz, Daniel Airey, Kim Farmery
Race No.3 - Purley Sports and Social Club: Nev Clarke, Nathalie Kyte, Patrick Moren, Chris Allen, Josh Green, Pauline Strange, Christine Green, Cherish April
Race No.4 - Chris Allen: Sophie Brown, Shirley Gee, Rowland Povey, Paul Reber, Alan Schofield, Helen Faulkner, George Wheeler, Caroline Airey
Race No.5 - Paul Reber: Beauty Box, Rebecca Allen, Sophie Duggan, Dave Peddle, Kupra Vaswani, Pauline Strange, Andrew Smith, Tasha Schultz
Race No.6 - Patrick Allen: James Measham, Lee Stannard, Paul Reber, George Wheeler, Alex Duggan, Chris Allen, James Airey, Patrick Allen
Race No.7 - Pro Groundcare: Nathalie Kyte, Karen Bishop, George Wheeler, Barry Carter, Kupra Vaswani, Kathleen Allen, Rita Moren, Paul Strange
Race No.8 - Everyone: , , , , , , ,
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