Football Charity Race Night Angus

Event Date: 11 June

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Links Park Stadium, Wellington Street , Montrose, Angus, United Kingdom

In Aid of: 2003 Montrose Youth Football Team

Notes: A football fundraiser for family viewing in a U certification race night video with names and sponsors added and all called out and compered by our virtual host. Slip along and enjoy the molluscan mayhem! UPDATE: 70 people attended and raised £500 at an excellent night.

Testimonial: "Great fun event. Needed very little input from us once initial sale of snails done. Kids loved it and it kept their interewst all evening." Douglas W.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Great Snailation: The Celtic Warrior, Maythesnailbewithyou, Tawney, Drive Me Batty, Mental Muzz, Roadrunner Robbie, Fast&Furious Fergus, Lucky Lady Lauren
Race No.2 - The Mackerr Race: Kestrel Ken, Banking On It, Slide Along Jake, Slug Bhoys, Wee Man, Wee Man Junior, Shelly, Squinty Jinty
Race No.3 - The Hiller Steeplechase: Ta Ta Ronny, Shut The Door, It Wasnae Me, Is The Heating On, Nitro SRB, Electro M, Shergar, Flubber
Race No.4 - The Newsagents National: Heid The Baw, St Johns Sprinter, The Fife Flyer, Snaily McSnail Face, Evanders Escargot, Jumping Jack Flash, Razzle Dazzle, Ole Ole Aulay
Race No.5 - Fast And Furious Taylors: Smokies 'n' Wine, Jake Slug, Gareth Snail, Usnail Bolt, Silver Trail, Dead Slow Graeme, Shellgar, Slimey Jo
Race No.6 - The Cannonshell Run: Slow Mo, Aaron Cresseater, Snailextric, Links Park Dynamo, Less Cargo Please, Turbo Jenny, Sonic Miller, Garry
Race No.7 - The Golf Inn Stakes: Scooter Vamp, Meely Pudding, Linkin Dodger, Bridies 'R' Us, Snail You Later, Seabiscuit, Mighty-Mo!, S-Car-Go
Race No.8 - Sparkies Steeplechase: Glebe Boy, Johner Away, Major Assets, WhyAmIAlwaysLast, Mennie's Big Head, Davie's Boy, Deneeezz, Day Care Diva
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Moir Driveways Ltd: Jack Moir, Ali Moir, Ailie Moir, Dode Moir, Murray McDonald, Robbie McDonald, Fergus McDonald, Lauren McDonald
Race No.2 - Kerr's Coal: Ken McKiddie, Lesley McKiddie, Jake McKiddie, Blair McKiddie, Alistair Kerr, Cameron Kerr, Leah Kerr, Jane Anne Mackie
Race No.3 - Hillside Hotel: Jim O'Donnell, Chris O'Donnell, Olivia O'Donnell, Deborah O'Donnell, Stuart Braes, Emily Braes, Robin Braes, Lisa Braes
Race No.4 - Premier Stores, Northesk Road: Andy Stott, Helen Walker, Ian Anderson, Ben Stott, Evan McIntosh, Jackson McIntosh, Darren McIntosh, Aulay McIntosh
Race No.5 - Tanfastic Taylors: Steve Low, Jane MacFadyen, Christie Low , Keir Low, Ella Taylor, Graeme Taylor, Heather Taylor, Ann Taylor
Race No.6 - Matt Miller: Kirsten Walker, Calum Walker, Pamela Walker, Douglas Walker, Matt Miller, Jenny Miller, Calum Miller, Josh Miller
Race No.7 - The Golf Inn: Ethan Livie, Amelia Livie, Linnsey Livie, Raymond Livie, Shannon Burke, Kayleigh Burke, Cameron Burke, Stacey McKenzie
Race No.8 - Wm Mustard Elec. Contractors: John Littlewood, James Mennie, Julie Mackie, Barrie Calder, Allan Shepherd, Shaun Ritchie, Andrew Barber, Julie Mackie
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