Charity Snail Night Watnall, Notts

Event Date: 30 April

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Queens Head, Watnall, Notts, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Crohns and Colitis UK and Watnall Playgroup

Notes: Six races with personalised snail names and race names and sponsors names added and called out by our virtual host should make for a great fun event. Slip along if you can for this 15+ age group film rated night out. UPDATE: 50 turned out for a very successful event with £420 raised for a great charity cause.

Testimonial: "We had a great night and raised over £400. fundeo snail racing will be the talk of the place for weeks!" Carolyn C.

Total Raised: £420

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Holy Snail Handicap: Grumpy Git, Shocking Snail, Peggy Sue, Slug Buster, L Escargot, The Stig, OutaMichelle, Dimitri
Race No.2 - Fairgroves Folly: Cor Slimey, Antonio, Hucking Fell, Shell Bee, Slug, Sheldon, L Escargone, Slimey Syd
Race No.3 - Queens Head Hurdles: Glen Co Co, Sneil, Usain Salt, Hardaz, Es Carr Go, Salty Buggar, Felix Mcgooch Felch, Benedict Cumbersnail
Race No.4 - The Diamond Dash: Dez Walker, Lewis Hamilton, Speedy con Garlic, Smithy, Sammie, Jacko, Seamus, Shelly
Race No.5 - George Spencer Stakes: Snailed It, Shelly, Speedy con Garlic, Schnell, Crawling King, Fat Boy Slime, Sidney, Sally
Race No.6 - The Crunch Time Grand Prix: Dinozzo, Jaspers Jalopy, Snailing Moss, Fernando Alonshell, Micheal Slimemacher, Nigel Mansnail, Sebastian Snettel, Crashtor Sheldonado
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Brady Bunch: Mel Oats, Stuart Walker, Sue Peggs, John Sainsburys, Chris and Pete, County Keith, Wendy and Ady, West Ham John
Race No.2 - Steve Midgley: County Keith, West Ham John, Jonny Hubbard, Shelby Bowler, Forest Pete, Claire Schofield, Callum Street, Caroline G
Race No.3 - John and Amanda: Devon Taylor, Emily Poo, Jordan Passarelli, Jenny Wren, Emily Carr, Chris Carr, Joe Brittle, Hannah Wright
Race No.4 - EMDD Universal: Jonny Schofield, Sleve Clarke, Jules Prendergast, Justina Keetley, Jo Hanson, Anne Carr, Jean Kenny, Catpiss (Alex Purdy)
Race No.5 - GSA Maths Department: Ollie Smith, Gemma Taylor, Sue Wilson, Charlotte Ball, Rex Ndengaya, Duncan Simpson, Elizabeth Attwood, Lucy Moss
Race No.6 - The Carrs: Carol Shanks, Jasper Males, , , , , ,
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