Rugby Football Club Race Night Somerset

Event Date: 16 April

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Weston Super Mare Rugby Football Club, Somerset, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Fun Raiser

Notes: An 8 race fundeo snail racing extravaganza with races and snails named and with all the sponsors names added and showing in the video and called out by our virtual host. Take a look at the names and just imagine the fu. Slip along and enjoy the show- this will be a smasher :-) UPDATE: 100 turned out for a very successful and fun evening.

Testimonial: "Another great night with fun for everyone. Thanks Fundeo." Nigel C.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Harris & Lee Stakes: In a Cul de sac, Sea View, Loft Conversion, Courtyard Garden, Penthouse Suite, Moving House, New Home, Noisy Neighbours
Race No.2 - The Bushy Trailed Russian Hams: Who, Edwin Like, Mid Life Crisis, Who, My Friends A Hornet, Pot Kettle , Reading Is for Idiot, Everyone likes a Win
Race No.3 - Trippathlon: Turbo Trippy, Crunch, Skidz, Slimy Sam, Eat my Snot, Usain Snot, Slimer, Gooey Louie
Race No.4 - Doped By Doc Trial: X S Lime, S Lime, Aunt Enna, Sir Nail, Mol Usk, Shel Ack, S Cargo, Mendip
Race No.5 - The AEC Chase: Dashing Dave, Gary the Great, MacDonald, Careering Carina, Jimmy, Mingling Maggie, Kavorting Kate, Krazy Kim
Race No.6 - The Rag Trade Trophy: Poppers, Loose Hem, Bobbin, One eye, Come On Come On, Sweaty Palms, Sweaty Crotch, Suits You
Race No.7 - Benny Hill Handicap Hurdle: Wootton Bassett, Bedford Jock, Lucky Aussie, Easy Miss 1991, Brave Heart Myth, Sly Punch, Flying Coins, Soaking Photo Album
Race No.8 - New Age Coffin Dodgers Stakes: Tiger Feet, Soaking Cardboard, Bar Shy, Tequila King, Hong Kong Cock, Pry Mani Man, Smelly Feet, When I Go I Go
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Harris & Lee Estate Agents: Harris & Lee, Wards Solicitors, Morgan Financial, Ian Catling, Maxwell Printers, Jamie Harris, Lee Murfitt, Kia Moorcraft
Race No.2 - Not Another Pose : Paul Tinknell, Stumpy, The Cannon, Dell Boy, Leaky Lucas, Gavlar, Scott Hanham, Glen Dickson
Race No.3 - Paul Tripp Installations Ltd: Ali Baba, Mc Vitie, C Klein, Sam Harris, B Ogey, B Marley, G Buster, Mr Green
Race No.4 - George Papworth: Pile Up, Pile Itch, Pile Clot, Pile Down, Pile Out, Pile In, Pile driver, Pile Banded
Race No.5 - Carina and Maggie: Tim the Splint, Ever Ready Ivan, Plastered Pete, Galloping Grace, Lionel Longshot, Pat Pacemaker, Sally Sling, Carol Crutches
Race No.6 - Stitch and Sew Ltd: Katie Price, Kate Moss, Boris Johnson, Jack Depp, Eileen, Ronnie Biggs, Lee Evans, Harry Enfield
Race No.7 - Mark Philp: David Trimble, Rod Stewart, Craig Joubert, Gavin Hastings, William Wallace, Shameless McNally, Plane Jumper, Kim Masina
Race No.8 - Never Miss A Trip: Watch My Feet , I Piss Anywhere, Paper And Petals, Xmas Sleeper, Power Cut, Will Conrad, Look At My Eyes, Nottingham Wurzel
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