Club Fundraising Surrey

Event Date: 27 March

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Penton Park Club, Chertsey, Surrey, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Fundraising for Club

Notes: A four race cartoon snail racing race night for fundraising run by our virtual comere/ This is a U certificate film and is with Lucky Dip tickets (with dual forecast tickets) instead of the normal tote to make it quick and simple to run. Slip along and shell out on the escargot escapades. UPDATE: 70-80 people turned out and had a great time. Unfortunately though the U film was ordered they wanted a less juvenile package so should have ordered the 15+ age-group productiion and with more personalisation to spice it up..

Testimonial: "We loved the races, but 'Peedy' was a bit juvenile for our audience- something more adult would have gone dowen better" Chris L. (Comment from Fundeo- you ordered the U version but obviously the 12+ or 15+ version would have suited you better which is a pity).

Total Raised: £40

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