Club Fundraisng West Midlands

Event Date: 12 October

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Bloxwich Golf Club, Walsall, United Kingdom

In Aid of: The captain's charities

Notes: Slip along to this fundraising event at the golf club and enjoy fundeo snail racing at its finest with our virtual compere introducing all of the races, the snails and their sponsors. UPDATE: 100 people turned out for the fun and £600 was raised at what was rated an excellent event.

Total Raised: £600

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. paul botrill stakes: goof, budgie the snail, manic maz, a1 wheels, M C snail, alexander the great, simple simon, fat boy slime
Race No.2 - 2.b j engineering steeplechase: les-car-go, captain slugwash, joycee, six inch snail, blocko ay we, ninja nige, snail and pace, nearly there
Race No.3 - 3. the presidents chase: sid, crouching tiger, polish express, speedy gonzalez, slow and steady, dog meat, roger bannister, slowworm
Race No.4 - 4. printworks hurdle: steph, ada sweet cheeks, a1 wheels mark 2, jog a long jamo, gavin, brian, slippery sid, mick chambers
Race No.5 - 5. the captains slime trail: maddo, dobbo, frank munro, lowey, my shell, plodding percy, speedy gonzalez, slimy fisher
Race No.6 - 6.proud heavy lifting sprint: slimy con, the bloxwich bomber, pick up the pace pat, bob, joeseefuss, smasha deschell, hogans hero, otis
Race No.7 - 7 fosters window controls stal: bloxwich thunderbolt, the manc mollusc, go go gastropod, usnail bolt, wobbly bob, del boy, galloping gonads, pocket rocket
Race No.8 - 8. the auction furlong: Jumping Jacques, Jetting Jay, Mothering Marge, Crazy Kevin, Swinging Sven, Jammy Jimmy, Hopeful Horace, Entertaining Eddie
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - paul botrill: roger baker, roxies pet shop, marlyn flemming, roy kumar, neil perkins, alex neill, mick plimmer, jane foster
Race No.2 - marilyn and nigel flemming: matt salt, keith plater, joyce hunt, straz, russ slater, nigel flemming, kay parnham, ade howe
Race No.3 - the president: chris taylor, glenn rogers, steve wolczek, steve mills, keith poston, pete mew, glenn baker, the captain
Race No.4 - bob monks: jamo, phil robson, roy kumar, steph hayward, ray daniel, mark story, pat plater, neil gould
Race No.5 - captain keith plater: john maddox, brynn davis, bob moore, roger baker, steve wyke, alveen , hilary plimmer, mick langley
Race No.6 - tony proud: becky o connor, nigel flemming, pat plater, chris cooper, tony proud, paul gallear, simon hogan, bob monks
Race No.7 - fosters window controls: nigel flemming, rob liddle, straz, cornelious o connor, bobby foster, cockney ron, gary richards, maz flemming
Race No.8 - : , , , , , , ,
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