Community Fundraising Hampshire / Hants

Event Date: 2 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: White Horse, Southampton , United Kingdom

In Aid of: Netley Marsh Church Renovation

Notes: A fundeo night of snail racing with 8 races and all the snails and their sponsors introduced by our virtual compere who will be running the show. This is an 15+ age group DVD film so slip along and enjoy the show.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Trowtronics Funrace: Sizzling Susie, Slimey Sid, Born Slippy, Escar Gooooooo, Emily Flashheart, Ellie Slimy Belly, Barry The Sucker, Slimal Richie
Race No.2 - The Meachers Grand Smashional: Slimeeall Messi, Snailed IT, Jetadiah, Stinky Trench, We Like Ike, Slitherin, Peaky Sliders, Snail Blazer
Race No.3 - The GHD Derby: Fluffy, Smodey, Doris, Usain Bailey, Speedy Sid, Snoozy Wozzy, Snail Trail Blazer, Susie Curtis
Race No.4 - The School Trot: Diddly Squat, Super Snail, Methuselah, Brian, Super Sophie, Maverick Laura, Perfect Paul, Juicy Jules
Race No.5 - The Powell Hurdle: Matthews Mission, Maya, Hasty Hector, Blue Bell, Patrick, Slimey, Flash, Humpty
Race No.6 - Change of Style Chase: Chalky, White Lightning, Trucker Trev, Mrs Owl, Matthew, Jal, Theodorus, Oliver
Race No.7 - Tendring House Gallop: Force Four, Triumphant, Martha, Quickly, Podiatry Pete, Inside Out, No Hope, Querky
Race No.8 - The White Horse Finale: Monty, Flash, Slimey Suzi, Galloping Charlie, Slinky Sal, Rampaging Robert, Fast and Furious, Speedy Sam
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Trowtronics UK Limited: Sue Curtis, Mike Curtis, Ian Harrison, Kerrie Joans, Emily Williams, Eleanor Williams, Rachel Williams, Daniel Stacey
Race No.2 - Meachers Transport: Angie Trowbridge, Mark Trowbridge, Lyndon Trowbridge, Gary Whittle, Niamh Trowbridge, Lor Whittle, Tony Trowbridge, Angie Trowbridge
Race No.3 - GHD Partnership Limited: Marie Hine, Joe Hine, Lynda Bailey, Paul Bailey, Heather Nutbourne, Rod Nutbourne, Pete Cron, Boris
Race No.4 - Netley Marsh School: Angela Bonning, Malcolm Bonning, Phillipa Beech, Alan Beech, Sophie Hingston, Laura Fallon, Paul Hingston, Julie Hingston
Race No.5 - Powell and Son: Tom McConnell, Mike Gould, Sheila Hewitt, Ann Brown, Chris Gould, Richard Barrett, Janet Cockings, Ron Cockings
Race No.6 - Change of Style: Derek White, Maureen White, Sue Wheeler, Trevor Wheeler, C Drake, V Nestling, John Goringe, Philip Payne
Race No.7 - Tendring House: Jenn, Terry Stanfield, Mary Mullins, Jo, Iris Lucas, Rev John Reeve, Deana, Jo
Race No.8 - The White horse: Joan Read, Pat Pinnicott, Susie Curtis, Shirley Hatchett, Sally Ing, Ross Strollery, Fran Stanfield, Shirley Hatchett
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