Charity Fundraising Lancashire

Event Date: 10 November

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Wheatsheaf Inn Ingleton, Carnforth, Ingleton, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Ingleton 1940

Notes: Slip along to this fundeo snail racing event in a 15 + age category production for a great fun night of mad molluscan mayhem!

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Ingleton Goldfish Bowl: Daniel, Queen of Sheba, Mac The Knife, Amazing Grace, Guess Who, Doctors Orders, All that Jazz, Horatio
Race No.2 - Creature Comforts: Beetroot 2, Barnie Big Heart, Turbo Nemo, Theodopolopodos, Helens Delight, Brandy Snap, Me Shell, Centre Star
Race No.3 - Sourdough Dan: Poppy Puddle Wallo, Snaily News, Otis Attitude, Billy The Kid, Ran out of Jager, Nameless, Mums the word, Order of the phoenix
Race No.4 - 3 Sports 3 Screens Derby: The quiet man, Pegatron, Lucy, An Apple a Day, Enter the Jed I, Cupid Stunt, Flaming Nora, Jackie Russel
Race No.5 - Jess: Truly Scrumptious, Spiral Spinal, Jazz Ferrari, Pork Scratching, Mells Shell, Helix Crack, Chilli Can Connie, Skeard Jumbo
Race No.6 - Wheatsheaf Medium Rare Steaks: Slytherin to win, Doc Martin, Snail and Pace, Sieg Snial, Ham n eggs, Soldiering on, First time pass, Wee Anchor
Race No.7 - Crafty Curlew: Spoonful of sugar, Double D, To The Regiment, Shells Mell, Willy Wonka, Turbo Geoff, Snagglepuss, Hucking Fell
Race No.8 - Steve The Race: Bertie Bodgit, Nitro Ned, The Skipton Express, Dopey Dave, Shannon Maisie, Bin Gate, Cool Borders, Lucky Double Darts
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Inglenook fish bar: Lucy Campbell, Dear Heart, Chloe Dodwell, Susan Langford, Secrets, Ingleton Chemist, Jasmine Hayton, Connie Tooby
Race No.2 - Paws and Pony: Jennifer Martin, Dear Heart, Daniel Nemeth, Susan Langford, Shoe Doctor, Wayne Dodding, Mark Richardson, Jayne Lis
Race No.3 - Seasons : Dear Heart, Village Newsagents, Claire Towell, Chloe Dodwell, Eddy Read, Pooch, Secrets, Billy Scott
Race No.4 - Top Club: John Wane, Chloe Dodwell, Daniel Painter, Ingleton Chemist, Deb Eve, Jonathan Langford, Bare Necessities, Dear Heart
Race No.5 - Everyday Essentials: The sweet shop, Harriet Taylor, Dear Heart, Mark Longbottom, Mell Morphet, Darren Frankland, Susan Langford, Tony Dodwell
Race No.6 - The Wheatsheaf: Jade Langford, The Shoe Doctor, Secrets, Stu Lucas, Graham Kellet, Yvonne Horner, A W Driving, Jim Moran
Race No.7 - Curlew Crafts: Ingleton Chemist, Denise Dodwell, Chris Langford, Sheldon Doyle, The Sweet Shop, Geoff Burns, Dodders, George Taylor
Race No.8 - Bowland Fells Heating: Chloe Dodwell, George Stavely, Chris Fleming, Guy Downing, Dear Heart, Jennifer Martin, Tony Dodwell, 19.01.19 Langfords
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