Club Fundraising Northants

Event Date: 22 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Old School Hall, Harpole, Northampton, northamptonshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Harpole Youth Club

Notes: Come along to this 8 race fundeo snail racing race night and enjoy molluscan mayhem from start to finish with our virtual on-screen host running the show for you. UPDATE: 90 people turned out for a great fun evening and £660 was raised.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. The Fundeo Funrace: Super Skid Sid, Maurice, Zoom, Chester, Four Legged Fred, Super Snail, Gary, Starey
Race No.2 - 2. The Grand Smashional: Blue Snail Varnish, Yo Yo, Bertie, Cora's Explorer, Buttercup, Crunch, Milkshake, Beastly
Race No.3 - 3. The Fundeo Derby: Mbappe, Tom Jones, Electric, Siddles, Down but not out, Super Princess, The Toffee Snail, Mr Slimey
Race No.4 - 4. The Gold Shell: Clown Snail, Sammy, Tommy Tipster, Stewart Snail, Rob, Snoopy, Turbo, Me-Shell Obama
Race No.5 - 5. The Fundeo Frolic: Turbo, Cush, King T'Challa 46, Speedy Zumer, Michelle, Jazz, Rocket Ralph, Mary Poppins
Race No.6 - 6. The Slimey Cup: Escargone, Jeffery, Bud, Wanna Woo, Lucky, The Slime Minister, Pickle, Speedy
Race No.7 - 7. The Fundeo Crawl: Wizza, Limited Slip Diff, Molly, Carol, Escar-Go, Colin, Snail 2 Go, Kailen
Race No.8 - 8. The Fundeo Finale: Jumping Jacques, Jetting Jay, Mothering Marge, Crazy Kevin, Swinging Sven, Jammy Jimmy, Hopeful Horace, Entertaining Eddie
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - : Rhona Faulkner, Joe Fairbrother, Jon Clements, Mr Chester, Zac Roche, Robert Stewart, Elliott Eborall, Violet Inwood
Race No.2 - MW Electrical Midlands Ltd: Matty Payne, Joe Ward, Susan Malin, Cora Gaughy, Chessie Wicks, Daniel Marlow, Agnes Howkins, Hugh & Geoff
Race No.3 - : Nathan Boot, Hayley Cushing, Matilda Wager, Sydney Wootton, Sharon Matthews, Isobel Grundy, Joey Payne, Carol Greenhowe
Race No.4 - : Violet Payne, Andy WIlson, Tommy Gaughy, Elizabeth Stewart, Cody Godman, Jude Clements, Chace Lawrence, Lyn Eborall
Race No.5 - : Nate Fairbrother, Martyn Cushing, Joshua Fauklkner, Scarlett Wager, Daniel Marlow, Sheila Adam, Kara Roche, Hannah Grundy
Race No.6 - : Nicola Payne, Daisy Ward, Elliott Askew, Savanna Wootton, Zoe Boot, Molly Faulkner, Summer Lawrence, Spence Howkins
Race No.7 - : Lee Wicks, James Faulkner, Jessica Payne, Gordon Adam, Colin Eborall, Wilfred Inwood, Sharon Matthews, Fiona Godman
Race No.8 - : , , , , , , ,
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