Snail Race Night Newark Notts

Event Date: 25 February

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: The Willow Tree Pub, Barnby in the Willows, Newark Notts, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Newark Women`s Aid

Notes: An eight race fundeo snail racing race night with names and sponsors names personalised and called by our virtual host who will be running the show. The show will have a 12+ age group rating backdrop and will be a great evening all washed down by ample amounts of excellent beer from the Willow Tree pub Slip along for a raucous night of gambling, laughing, banter, prizes and molluscan mayhem. UPDATE: 65 turned out for this event and following our recommended procedurte £2000 was raised through our snail racing plus an extra £550 at the bar. Well done!

Testimonial: "Laughter and smiles filled the room and a great time was had by everyone. We raised £2000 through sponsorship, ticket sales and betting on the night to support families at a local women's refuge." Kathryn H.

Total Raised: £2,000

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Assured Sprint: Solo Espresso, Milo, Michelle, Runner Bean of Banks, J Trump, The Wanderer, Beaujolais Surprise, Don`t Push It
Race No.2 - Cunning Linguist: Graham, Crawford, Skelly Jem, Fiddler`s Dream, Molly`s Dream, Curl Up and Dye, Fenton Flyer, Mike Hunt
Race No.3 - Doncaster Steaks: L`Escargot, Ricky Bobby, Slow Coach, You Decide, Ginger Willy, Michelle, Red Bum, Max
Race No.4 - Harrison`s Chase: Bill, Slippery When Wet, Tinkerbell, Hercules, The Winged Avenger, Declan`s Hair Studio, Cooper Chops, Daniel Scores
Race No.5 - Three Little Pigs Classic: Gertrude, Lilly, Flash, Newcs, Boogie Woogie Bob, Logue`s Lucycade, Brian, Bob
Race No.6 - Logue`s Short Cut Chase: Slippery Nipple, Smithson`s Boy, Fred, Bungling About, Fat Phillip, Dave, Speedy, Howes That
Race No.7 - Falvey`s Fitness Challenge: Gym Lad, Up for the Challenge, Couch Potato, Snail of the Century, Pumped Pecs, Just Warming Up, Falvey`s Favourite, End Goal
Race No.8 - Recycle it Wright: Bin Running, Down in the Dumps, Wright in Front, Perfect Lee, Slime on Le Bon, Metal Melter, Scrapheap Challenger, Pheasant Plucker
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Assured Fire and Security: Sarah Smith, Michael Simpson, Jo Price, Karl and Hazel, Gerrard of Project 1, Declan Logue, Denise Masding, Jenni Jackson
Race No.2 - Newark Safety Solutions: Graham (L Wright), Crawford (L Wright), Jem (L Wright), Mr Tilley (L Wright), Guy (L Wright), Declan Logue, Paul (L Wright), Mark Robinson (LW)
Race No.3 - F Doncaster Butchers: Paul of Project 1, Callum of Project 1, Piers of Project 1, Gerrard of Project 1, Jim Robinson, Geoff Smith, Carl Smithson, Kevin Tewson
Race No.4 - Newark MOT Centre: Michael Simpson, Julian Smith, Amanda Baker, Andrew Smithson, Andy Garner, Declan Logue, Clare K, Denise Masding
Race No.5 - NowBuild Developments Limited: Clare Andrews, Laura Bunkle, Kelly Rogers, Debra Martindale, Denise Masding, Declan Logue, Chris Ord, Christa Harrison
Race No.6 - Declan`s Hair Studio: Kelly, Jenny Smithson, Verity McLucky, Denise Masding, Alisa Bartlett, Christa Harrison, Rachel Travis, Nadia Howes
Race No.7 - Jamie Falvey PT Studio: , , , , , , ,
Race No.8 - Lee Wright: , , , , , , ,
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