Fundraising MBM County Down

Event Date: 3 February

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: McBride's on the Square, Comber, County Down, N. Ireland, United Kingdom

In Aid of: MBM Racing National Twinshock Campaign 2018

Notes: An 8 race fundeo night of snail racing for a great cause. Slip along and enjoy the molluscan mayhem, fun company win some money and enjoy some great beer and banter !

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Butchers Mile: Fireman Sam, Roos Ranger, The Mourne Ranger, Flip the lid, Drama Queen, The Claw, Racey Rocco, Ulster Ox
Race No.2 - Bruceys Babes: Liverpool Legend, Bet 365 Black, The Singing Manager, Dirty Flirty, Rubey Rue, Speedy Sicknote, Jolley Jodie, Fly Catcher
Race No.3 - Big Sleepy Steeplechase : Plooker, The Fella, Hazy Fantazy, Limp along Lesley, Bomb Shell, Slow Coach, Derek Acorah, Steady Eddie
Race No.4 - Dundonald Beer Run: Rally Ali, Speedy Gonzales, Garlic Butter, Slimmer, Turbo, Hard Case, Crush, Flash
Race No.5 - The Hannah Hurdles: Wee Sammy, Slippery Sam, Plenty in the Tank, Bit of blinding Sir, Billy Boy, Wee Tramp, Benidorm Pride, The Big Girl
Race No.6 - The Big Money Stakes: Bit Sluggish, Shelldom Beaten, Snails Pace, Speedy, Sonic, Sammy, Slimey Gonzales, Speedy Sid
Race No.7 - HCH Handicap Hurdle: Rifle Club, Lord Linley, Speedy Gonzalez, Turbo, Sleepy, Jellie Baby, Jellies Rocket, Killer
Race No.8 - The Hardon Hurdles: Ginger Dick, Mary Hinge, Sweaty Balls, Davy Discharge, Ivor Biggin, No Hole McDowell, Up the backie Jackie, 490 May go
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - McWhinney Butchers Comber: Paula Freeburn, Riley McBride, Leslie Cooke, Nigel Jess, Ellie McBride, Geoffrey Coey, Lorraine McBride, Ken Russell
Race No.2 - Bruce Baillie: Bruce Baillie, Nathan Black, Shelley Logue, Ryan Thompson, Rueben Pritchard, Stefan Boyd, Jodie Campbell, Connor Dolan
Race No.3 - Stephen Russell Motocross: Stephen Magowan, Geoffrey Coey, Hazel Cooke, Laura Cooke, Nigel Jess, Marie Ross, Colin Burns, Eddie Jess
Race No.4 - PMD (NI) LTD: Neal & Alison Hunter, Colin & Laura Spiers, Gintare & Ryan, John & Amanda, Ian & Mo, Neal & Alison, Paul & Annie, Lauren W
Race No.5 - Hannah Tractors Drumreagh: Avril Cree, Sam Cree, Slim Bailie, Tommy Streight, Michelle Saulters, David Saunders, Robert Walkinshaw, Steve Manger
Race No.6 - Laura Meharry Accountant: James Jellie, Lorie Jellie, Nicola Jellie, Eamon McAnulty, Anthony Morgan, James Meharry, Ryan Meharry, Katie Meharry
Race No.7 - HCH Electrics Comber: John Robson, Rab Hiles, John Wilson, Francis Enfield, Kay Morgan, Beth Jellie, Jim Jellie, Brian Jellie
Race No.8 - McDowell Construction: Jim Kirkland, Jonny McDowell, Aaron Kirkland, Davy Bones, Shug McDowell, Colin McDowell, Gwen Scott, Gary Murphy
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