Sports Club Fundraising Manchester

Event Date: 24 March

Event Type: Roach Race Night

Venue: Spring View Community Sports, Wigan, Manchester, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Rugby Fundraiser

Notes: This is a fundeo roach racing night with 8 cockroach races all with personalised names and with sponsors names added. Peedy parrot will be compering the event and trying to keep our lovely cuddly raoches under control. Scuttle along to see the show and watches those roaches run :-) UPDATE: 80 turnbed iout and had an excellent night with £650 raised in funds.

Testimonial: "Excellent" Mark G.

Total Raised: £650

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Cock Roach Cup: Cock a leekie, dirk destroyer, Cocky Balboa, Crusher, Super Cock, Chernobyl, Mini Mo, Nelly the elephant
Race No.2 - Kick a cockroach Cup: Bickershaw Buggy, King Cock, The Bucket, Auds Roach, Bulldog, The Butthole, Cockatoo, Robbie round Eyes
Race No.3 - Cakefest Handicap: Griffins Grawler, Moes Marauders, Kellys fat arse, YNWA, Black Thursday, Little Scuttler, Brittle Back, Mckreels Critters
Race No.4 - Bug Bashers Ball: King Cockie, Micky Mac, Red Rump, Toronto Terry, Little Flyer, Bulldog, Creepy Coup, The Verminator
Race No.5 - Overbridgers Gold Cup: Nickelback, Run to the Dark, The beast, Crackle n pop, Zante Flyer, Terence the fourth, Dangers Dangler, Flying Picket
Race No.6 - The Foot Stomp Reprebates Cup: Tenereefs terror, Cockerhoop, Liams Taxi, Cockerhoot, Dead Loss, Norfolk enchance, Scuttlers, cockadoodle do
Race No.7 - The Critters Crawl Chase: Splatt, Gibbos Flyer, enjorlas, Tenereefs finest, cockaaht, Donald Trump, Black Betty, love the cake
Race No.8 - Heatright critters chase: Super sexy sam, the blue smurf, putasaddleonrideme, Deano the one, Ryanair, Critters Creek, cocky crunchies, chunkyspuds two
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Tom Draper: Michelle Roberts, Derek Ainscough, Ste Smith, Jimmy Lloyd, Gibbo, Tom Draper, Maureen Smith, Adam Prescott
Race No.2 - TKMA: Paul Howarth, Gibbo, Barry Smith, Audrey trundel, Barry Evans, Bucko, Derek Ainscough, Robbie Smth
Race No.3 - Kerrys Cakes and Catering: Callum Griffin, Maureen Smith, Paul Prescott, Dereck Ainscough, club, Gibbo, Jimmy Lloyd, Anita Gibson
Race No.4 - D j decoys: Mark Prescott, Mark Howarth, Derek Ainscough, Millsy, Paul Gore, Barry Evans, Jaz, Gwyn
Race No.5 - MK Plumbing and Building: Mandy Givnan, Alex Gore, Ian Brown, Caroline Brown, Barry Smith, Kerwack, Danger, Derek Ainscough
Race No.6 - Spring View FC: Gibbo, gaz Smith, Barry Smith, Kelly Walsh, Nathan Trundle, Craig Prescott, Tracy Crooks, Michelle Roberts
Race No.7 - IB plumbing: Gibbo, Anita, Jack Gibbo, Sharon Jones, Jimmy Lloyd, Butch, Pip, club
Race No.8 - Heatright Dean Pugh: Rose Givnan, Adam Prescott, Stu Roberts, Dean Pugh, Mike Gibbo, Dylan Brown, Anita Gibson, Darren Pugh
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