Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

06 Feb '16 - Snail Race Night Newcastle

"Excellent night, kids loved it!" Colleen G.

05 Feb '16 - Race Night Featherstone Yorks

"Thank you for a fast and efficient delivery service. We had lots of positive feedback and will use you again." Claire F.

29 Jan '16 - School Fundraising Stonehaven

"Fantastic night had by all at the Station Hotel Stonehaven in aid of Mackie Academy ISF World Games Badminton Team. Great fundraising aid. Thank you." Andrew H.

28 Nov '15 - Pub Charity Race Night Cheshire

"Thank you- you did us proud once again! - We commented on twitter! " A.W.

28 Nov '15 - Football Club Race Night Lancs

"A good raucous night with plenty of money raised for our club. Enjoyed by all." Ben N.

14 Nov '15 - School Fundraising Angus

"Great night creating an amazing atmosphere whilst fundraising. Will be recommending this (fundeo snail racing) to anyone who is doing fundraising." Laura McIntosh.

14 Nov '15 - Club Entertainment Tring Herts

"Great fun enjoyed by all of the members present." Dave Gill (Tring Conservative Club).

14 Nov '15 - Yacht Club Dinner Race Night Hants

"Everyone really enjoyed this (Fundeo Snail Racing). It was part of a larger event, so maybe next time we will dedicate a whole eveneing." Emma Hawkins |(Marchwood Yacht Club).

13 Nov '15 - Charity Race Night Worcestershire

"Fundeo (Snail Racing) was real fun - everyone really enjoyed it. We raised £1371 for Becky's Charity. " Alison Thomas

07 Nov '15 - Fundraising Race Night Essex

"Great fun the only complaint from people attending is that they ached from laughing." Mrs I Blowers

07 Nov '15 - Football Club Fundraising Aberdeen

"Would recommend to anybody running a fundraiser. It is the first time we have done a fundeo snail night and we were a bit wary but the DVD was excellent quality and everything was perfect. Thanks. " Lee Lobban, AFC Murdos.

07 Nov '15 - Football Club Race Night Kinross

"Really great idea would recommend to all fundraisers- we had a great night and your dvd pack made it." S. Gallagher

06 Nov '15 - Cricket Awards Night Budapest

"Everyone very excited to hear that you do another version with cockroaches!" Duncan Shoebridge

06 Nov '15 - Charity Race Night Birchington Kent

"Thank you for providing such a fun way of raising money we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!" Sue Woan

30 Oct '15 - Pub Charity Race Night Angus

"The (Fundeo) Snail Racing is great fun with adults whooping and screaming like big kids - Hilarious!" Christine Beaton

24 Oct '15 - Sports Club Fundraising Glasgow

"Unpredictability of the Fundeo Snail races adds to the excitement and atmosphere. 4th time using Fundeo, great value for generating funds." Graeme Russell.

24 Oct '15 - Club Fundraising Race Night Glasgow

"We have used fundeo on a number of occassions and very happy with service." M. Weightman

10 Oct '15 - Football Club Fundraising Oxford

"Great evening had by everyone. Excellent night made by the DVD and Peedy (virtual compere)." Bryn Smith

10 Oct '15 - Scout Fundraising Race Night Surrey

"Another successfukl event. We'll be back!" G.Nash

04 Sep '15 - Halloween Party Night Elgin

"Excellent Fun was had with blood and guts whilst barricaded in the house with the fire burning. Kids loved it." Geoff Saunders

02 Aug '15 - Charity Fundraising Herefordshire

"Very pleased." Mr Peter Bayliss

12 Jun '15 - Gala Fundraising Peterborough

"After two years of fundeo snail racing the fundeo cockroaches took over our 2015 festival. Another fun and noisy night for 250 people." David Squire

29 May '15 - Football Club Fundraising Forfar

"Another fantastic event (Fundeo Snail Racing). Thanks Fundeo" Tracey Roberts

08 May '15 - School Fundraising Wem Shrops

"Very good night for primary school events perhaps a little too 'young' for secondary events. (editor: customer ordered a 'Universal age-group dvd film pack - please order a 12+ age group certificate dvd for older children). Guests enjoyed themselves." Miss Emma Finch

08 May '15 - School Fundraising Keighley Yorks

"We had a fantastic race night, highly entertaining and will definately repeat." Rebecca Ashton

25 Apr '15 - Charity Race Night Arbroath Angus

"The snails are glad it is all over and Val the lap dancer was outstanding!" Paul Cook

25 Apr '15 - Club Fundraising Skipton Yorks

"Brilliant product. Will definately use again but will personalise next time." Simon Chapman

25 Apr '15 - School Fundraising Race Night Colchester

"Enjoyable night." Rosalyn Leclercq

11 Apr '15 - Charity Nite of Races Rowlett Texas

"Great fun for all involved . Thank you for making this possible." Whitney P. Laning, President of Rowlett, Citizen Corps Council, Texas

11 Apr '15 - Gala Roach Racing Wisbech Cambs

"Good quality product with excellent service. Would recommend to others." Paul Smith

11 Apr '15 - Charity Race Night Wrexham Wales

"A great way to raise funds for our charity and great fun too." Lorrisa Roberts

02 Apr '15 - Club Fundraising Race Night Wigan

"Great service. Have used fundeo snailracing for about 3 years now and thoroughly worth it. Thanks." Spring View ARLFC

16 Mar '15 - Charity Fundraising Bury Manchester

"Fundeo Snail Racing- Excellent product and service. Who would have thought a group of adults would get excited cheering on some cartoon snails but, boy, did they get us going!" Stephen Holland

28 Feb '15 - Charity Race Night Bristol Glos

"Fantastic night, everyone enjoyed the fundeo snail racing and lots of money was raised for a great charity. The fundeo snail racing dvd and races are brilliant." Ross Opie

21 Feb '15 - Christmas Party Race Night London

"Fun for small or large groups while you fundraise - very imaginative." Karen Taylor

21 Feb '15 - Club Fundraising Chelmsford Essex

"A most enjoyable and different event." Lyn Sargent

13 Feb '15 - Club Fundraising Llay Wrexham

"People left saying what a good night tney had enjoying a family night." Paul Green

07 Feb '15 - Charity Race Night Walsall Midlands

"Everyone at Bloxwich Hockey Club had a fantastic time and enjoyed the fundeo snail racing- thank you!" Susie Morris

06 Feb '15 - School Fundraising Snail Night Surrey

"Great fun as always." Diana Mills

31 Jan '15 - Club Fun Night Chelmsford Essex

"Another excellent night." Dave Haley

24 Jan '15 - Charity Fundraising Nottingham

"Great fun and easy to run our fundeo race night has proved a popular event and we raised cash for our charities as well." Carolyn Carr

13 Dec '14 - Pub Race Night Harrow London

"Fundeo snail racing is something different and excellent fun." Noreen Buckley

29 Nov '14 - Club Snail Race Night Bristol

"Amazing everyone loved it ! " Ross Opie

21 Nov '14 - Charity Race Night Penilee Glasgow

"Great fun event. Enjoyed by everyone." Gerry Cullen

15 Nov '14 - Club Roach Night Tring Herts

"All the members present had a fantastic fun filled evening and I would recommend Fundeo 'Roach' Racing to any club who wants a race night with a difference." Dave Gill

15 Nov '14 - Presentation Race Night Newcastle Tyne

"We had never attempted anything like this before and were thrilled with the outcome. Never thought Fundeo cartoon snails would cause everyone to cheer as much as they do!! This was such a great night and many people were still talking about it as they left the venue. Thank you." Sue Wilson

15 Nov '14 - Charity Race Night Forfar Angus

"A brilliant night enjoyed by all! Family friendly fun and would recommend." Shona Forbes

15 Nov '14 - Scout Fundraising Race Night Staffs

"Second time we have used Fundeo and a Fundeo Snail Racing night as a fund raiser. Good results and great entertainment value." Pete Steadman

15 Nov '14 - Birthday Party Race Night Surrey

"A hoot of an evening and a great fundraiser." Dawn White

07 Nov '14 - Charity Roach Night Arbroath Angus

"Great night enjoyed by all. Fantastic way to raise money for good causes." Paul Cook

01 Nov '14 - Charity Snail Race Night Scunthorpe

"As usual it was an excellent night, fun was had by all, people are so busy enjoying themselves they don't realise that they are actually raising money and the charity benefits." Stuart Everatt

11 Oct '14 - School Fundraising Race Night Newark

"Fantastic night as always- kids and adults enjoyed the races." Christine Mills

12 Sep '14 - Charity Race Night Bingley Yorks

"Easy to use and ordering your DVD (online) is simple. Very user friendly." Moira Wragg

12 Sep '14 - Fundraising Race Night Paisley

"Excellent fun!! Speedy delivery and easy to use." Adam Findlay

12 Sep '14 - Race Night Buntingford Herts

An 8 race personalised fundeo snail racing night hosted by Peedy the parrot for fundraising. Slip along for a great night of fun. Update great fun event enjoyed by all.

06 Sep '14 - Snail Race Night Romford London

"Really great night and much fun was had by all. This is the 3rd fundeo race night we've hosted and I think we might try the cockroach one next time." Gill Ridley

05 Sep '14 - Charity Race Night Glasgow

"The fundeo snail race night pack given provided great entertainment with little fuss. A good, fun-filled night was had by all." Monica Tierney

16 Aug '14 - Charity Race Night Watford

"I have held many fundeo snail race nights and they are always excellent. Never seen so many grown people shouting at the tele!" Phil Maulkin

09 Aug '14 - Community Fundraising Race Night Essex

"We have done fundeo snail racing a few times now and everyone - young and old - love it." Dave Haley

06 Aug '14 - Club Snail Race Night Newcastle Tyne

"A great night of entertainment for the family to enjoy. our event saw children as young as 4 betting on their favourite snails with many families getting involved and having a good laugh." Steven Pearson

26 Jul '14 - Charity Fundraising Race Night Dundee

Briliant product. Will definately use again but will personalise next time." Simon Chapman

04 Jul '14 - School Fundraising Race Night Cumbria

"A fabulous event, everyone who attended had a great time, from toddlers to pensioners, the room was alive with cheering. We made a great profit with very little effort." Zoe Roberts-Koren

27 Jun '14 - School fundraising race night Lancs

"Great fun for all the family" Lisa Martin

13 Jun '14 - Festival Snail Racing Peterborough

"For the second year, 200 plus people had a noisy and excited night out. Great fun fop young and old." David Squire

08 Jun '14 - Football Fundraising Forfar Angus

"Good quick service . . . kids had great fun and plenty money raised." Kirsty Miller

07 Jun '14 - Charity race night Arbroath Angus

"Thank you for your kind assistance to raise money for a worthy cause." Paul Cook

24 May '14 - Snail Racing Kings Langley, Herts

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and we will definitely do another one soon." Chris Riddle

18 May '14 - Club Fundraising Race Night Forfar Angus

"As usual everyone had a fantastic time with the snail race. Everyone had a great laugh." Pamela Balfour

17 May '14 - Church Fundraising Snail Night Leeds Yorks

"A good time was had by all. The kids loved it. The atmosphere was great. A great event for fundraising." Brian Gledhill

16 May '14 - School Fundraising Snail Night Bangor

"Great night enjoyed by everyone." Julie Johnson

16 May '14 - School Snail Night Addlestone Surrey

"A fun night enjoyed by all ! " Diana Mills

03 May '14 - Hospice Fundraising Race Night Keighley Yorks

"Fun packed night got lots of laughs." Angela Hughes

26 Apr '14 - Club Fundraising Snail Race Night Newcastle

"Fantastic evening for young and old! People who had never been before were very impressed and can't wait for the next one." Emmy Tatters

26 Apr '14 - Charity Roach Race Night Lincs

"An enjoyable night that raised lots of money for charity." Stuart Everatt

25 Apr '14 - Speedway Snail Race Night Peterborough

"Enjoyable night will be doing again." Lee Osborne

17 Apr '14 - Club Fundraising Snail Night Night Wigan

"Everyone had a very enjoyable evening (fundeo snail racing) ideal entertainment for adults and children alike." Mark Gibson

05 Apr '14 - Community Fundraising Strathpeffer Highland

"Fundeo Snail Race went down very well as a change from horses . .. Brill product ." Vivienne Morrison

05 Apr '14 - Charity Race Night Fundraiser Leicester

"Great family fun night." Deborah Ward

05 Apr '14 - Cricket Club Fundraising Purley Reading Berks

"Good fun!" Barry Carter

29 Mar '14 - Charity Roach Race Night Abbots Langley Herts

"Fundeo are an amazing company. Very thorough to the end. Second time we have used and definitely using again next year." Donna Spring

28 Mar '14 - Snail Race Night Cleveland Ohio USA

"Our sponsorships have been great this year! ... Thank you for everything" Jayme Lucas-Bukszar

28 Mar '14 - Cricket Club Fundraising Tunbridge Kent

"Great night. Certainly something different." Mike Jeffreys

22 Mar '14 - Football Club Snail Race Night Ellon

"This is the easiest / most simple race night to run!" Nikki Batty

21 Mar '14 - Charity Snail Race Night Glasgow

"Excellent race night pack - would recommend! Thanks!" Joanne Mullan

21 Mar '14 - School Fundraising Race Night Shaw Oldham

"Fab night, everyone enjoyed it !" Rachel Pedley

17 Mar '14 - Charity Fundraising Snail Night Rosendale

"We had a small social event (35 people). The DVD generated a great atmosphere- everybody thoroughly enjoyed it and we made some money for charity as well!" Stephen Holland

16 Mar '14 - Playgroup Fundraising Race Night Forfar

"Easy to run on the day. Well worth it." Jenny Lovegrove

14 Mar '14 - School Fundraising Snail Night Bury Manchester

"It was a great night enjoyed by all - would have 8 races next time." Suzanne Dewhurst

14 Mar '14 - Charity Fundraising Race Night Wrexham

"Great fun and a fantastic way to raise funds." Lorrisa Roberts

01 Mar '14 - Charity Fundraising Snail Night Windsor

"Much more entertaining than we thought! Got people involved and cheering snails on, everyone had a great time!" Erin Shaw

01 Mar '14 - Charity Race Night Londonderry

"We couldn't believe how much we raised for Marie Curie. We were amazed and delighted." Nikita Anderson

28 Feb '14 - Fundraising Snail Night Wisbech Cambs

"Fantastic night had by all raising a brilliant amount for a great cause." Alison Whittaker

28 Feb '14 - Charity Race Night Fundraising Norwich

"Great customer service and excellent evening's entertainment." Damien van Carrapiett

22 Feb '14 - Royal Navy Charity Race Night Cyprus

"A fantastic package! And good fun for all! Many thanks Fundeo!" Mark Johnson

21 Feb '14 - Rugby Club Snail Night Leighton Buzzard

"Have used Fundeo Snail Races 3 times and each time it's been great, kids have really enjoyed it and it has been to a good cause." Mr and Mrs Vincent

01 Feb '14 - Snail Race Night Newark Notts

"Yet another good night - never fails to attract all ages." Christine Mills

25 Jan '14 - Church Fund Race Night Shoreham

"This was our first fundeo snail racing event. It was very successful and it should be easy to sell tickets next time." Cliff Emberlin

11 Jan '14 - Charity Fundraising nr Halifax Yorks

"Everyone had a great time and lots of money was raised." Adele Jackson

14 Dec '13 - Party Race Night Woodford Green Essex

"Great evening, simple to use and easy to run. Thanks." Garry Cooper

29 Nov '13 - Sea Cadet Fundraiser Stonehaven

"Fun night for all." Jeannie Bruce