Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

29 Nov '13 - Football Race Night Southampton Hants

"Brilliant service . . this is a must for a great & fun night to raise some extra funds for your cause." Mark Prince

23 Nov '13 - Charity Fundraising Rainham Essex

"Brilliant entertainment, kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed it." Irene Blowers

23 Nov '13 - Charity Fundraising Stratford Warks

"Good entertainment - generated a lot of noise!" J.S. Lawton

16 Nov '13 - Fundraising Killyleagh Co Down Ireland

"Great night's fun enjoyed by all." Maurice McBride

16 Nov '13 - Charity Fundraising Leatherhead Surrey

"It was good family fun & great as a fundraiser. We could not fault the service we received & would highly recommend the Fundeo Snail Race package to anyone. A big thank you. " Jackie Harrington (Treasurer KDMBA)

01 Nov '13 - School Fundraising Race Night Dunfermline

"Brilliant night. Everyone enjoyed themselves and said they would come again amd bring a friend. Photo in the 'Dunfermline Press' . Photo is of the students holding a giant African snail." Ruairi Mulholland

01 Nov '13 - Charity Fundraising Hayling Hants

"If you've never been in a room with over 400 ex-WRNS screaming at cartoon snails you've not lived." Andrea Wrigley

22 Oct '13 - Fun Night Fundraiser Manchester Lancs

"Great night out with fun, laughter and excitement for everyone. Scored well on the novelty value." Christine Joyce

18 Oct '13 - School Fundraising Peterborough Lincs

"Excellent service, easy to use and a really effective way to raise money. Our crowd really got into the fun of the races." Alison Amp

12 Oct '13 - Community Group Fundraising York

"Another fantastic night, enjoyed by adults and children alike. Thrilled to have raised this money for such a good cause." Suzanne McCloud

12 Oct '13 - Community Fundraising Northampton

"A great fund raiser and a big hit with the children." Martin May

11 Oct '13 - Charity Roach Race Night Yorks

"A unique event for the whole family to enjoy!" Beverley Swales

05 Oct '13 - Football Club Fundraising Renfrewshire

"Biggest and most successful Bishopton fundraiser ever. Fantastic night!" Craig McGregor

04 Oct '13 - Social Race Night Hungerford Berks

"Great service and good value." Alan Breadmore

03 Oct '13 - Corporate Fundraising Event London

"A very successful night run for UNICEF. Everyone got into it and had a a great time. Thanks for a quick service." John Heatherington

21 Sep '13 - Society Fundraising Race Night Staffs

"Easy to organise and good fun. We do a great supper with it which makes a difference to the evening. " Mrs G Brian

20 Sep '13 - Football Club Fundraising King's Lynn

"All excellent again." Julian Gamble

07 Sep '13 - Football Club Fundraiser Aberdeen

"This was our first fundeo snail race we have organised and it was a roaring success." Mr and Mrs Bonner

07 Sep '13 - Leaving Party Douglas Isle of Man

"Had a fun night. It got everybody joining in." Steven Leach

31 Aug '13 - Charity Fundraising Dounby Orkney

"Fantastic fun for all the family. We will host this fundeo type of event again." Lynn Tullock

30 Aug '13 - Vets MXDN Fundraiser Belfast Ireland

"Fantastic night's entertainment." Jonathan McBride

10 Aug '13 - Club Fundraising Newark Notts

"Loved it - AGAIN !!!" Chrissy Mills

08 Aug '13 - Military Social Race Night Chivenor

"Many thanks guys. Always a great night!" Billy Murphy

28 Jun '13 - Charity Fundraising Race Night Northampton

"A great night had by all!" Diana Mills

22 Jun '13 - Charity Fundraising Race Night Dyce

"Easy to use. Fun enjoyable evening. Thank you Fundeo." Jake Anderson

15 Jun '13 - Charity Fundraising Event Cambuslang

"Great fun as usual at the Fundeo snail race night. The audience loved the unpredictability that the races offered." Graeme Russell

15 Jun '13 - Golf Club Charity Fundraising Banbury

"Great family fun. Enjoyed by all who came." Dave Bridger

15 Jun '13 - Football Club Fundraiser Ellon Aberdeen

"What a laugh- really got the crowd going from the start. New races with the new characters and events were really good. We will be back." Robbie Bonner

14 Jun '13 - Club Presentation Race Night Banbury

"We have held three Fundeo race nights for our end of season football presentation ceremonies. The nights have been a huge success with both children, aged from 3-12, and parents, commenting on how brilliant the race nights were. Thank you very much." Jamie from BUFC.

14 Jun '13 - Charity Race Night Peterborough Cambs

"Fundeo Snail Racing at our annual community festival went down a storm, with 200 people cheering them on. We'll have to do it all again next year!!" David Squire

25 May '13 - Charity Fundraising Coulsdon London

"Perfect for families and great fun. An excellent tool for fundraising and something a bit different from the norm." Paul White

18 May '13 - Charity Fund Raising Event Rainham

"Great fun for all the family, it is a fun way to raise funds - only complaint was from people aching from laughing so much!" Irene Blowers

18 May '13 - School Fundraiser Bingley Yorks

"We had an amazing night, thank you very much for your professional package. We will be back next year as always!" Victoria Burrows

18 May '13 - Charity Fundraising Berwickshire

"A really entertaining way to raise funds for your cause." Sharon Baker

11 May '13 - Club Fundraising Sale Cheshire

"This is the 3rd Fundeo Race Night I have run and every one has been fantastic! Everyone enjoys the nights and it is so easy to run. " Sarah Roberts

11 May '13 - Church fundraising Oldham Manchester

"Kids loved the races and to hear them laughing and shouting made my night." Beverley Kershaw

05 May '13 - Charity Fundraising Market Drayton Shrops

"Excellent night at Jack Hanby's Pub, Market Drayton. Can't wait till the next snail race night event at the Lord Hill Pub." Nick Woollacott

27 Apr '13 - Fund Raising Event Dewsbury Yorks

"Would highly recommend as something completely different for fundraising. Makes a pleasant change from the norm. Great fun." Brian Gledhill

27 Apr '13 - Football Club Fundraising Perth & Kinross

"Everyone had a great night, thanks. You have a great product everyone was talking about how good it was. Thank you. Great value." Stephen Gallagher

27 Apr '13 - Charity Fundraising Marykirk Aberdeen

"A great night had by all!" Diana Mills

13 Apr '13 - Charity Fundraising Balderton, Newark

"Hilarious fun for all the family. Excellent value for money." Christine Mills

05 Apr '13 - Charity Fundraising Henley Warks

"Great entertainment and a good way of raising money." Keith Clark

03 Apr '13 - Birthday Party Snail Race London

"The Fundeo Snail Racing product could not be faulted. Excellent entertainment and fundraising fun. No comparison to a 'normal' race night." John Smith

30 Mar '13 - Charity fundraising Watford Herts

"Thank you very much for the Fundeo Race Night. It went very well. A good time was had by all and it was very funny. We managed to raise over £600 on the night and hopefully we can call on your services again. Thank you again." Chris Spring

28 Mar '13 - Football Club Fundraising, Wigan

"Could not fault anything about your service etc. Brilliant entertainment for young and old. This will be one of our annual events. Thank you." Barry Smith

24 Mar '13 - Football Club Fundraising Angus

"Fantastic fundraising event for all the family." Pamela Balfour

22 Mar '13 - Snail Racing Entertainment, Sussex

"We are organising another one for our local 'Riding for the Disabled' who I supply the ponys for and will be contacting you very soon. Many thanks." Jan Carmichael

22 Mar '13 - Community Fundraising Cleveland, USA

“Everyone had a blast at our snail race in Cleveland OH! We so appreciate how professional and helpful the staff at Fundeo were from start to finish And we’re looking forward to another snail race fundraiser in 2014.” Jayme Lucas-Bukszar

22 Mar '13 - School Fundraising Addlestone, Surrey

"A great night had by all!" Diana Mills

22 Mar '13 - School Fundraising Crowborough

"We had a great night! Packed full of drinking, betting, laughing, auctioning and winning prizes. To top it off we raised a lot of money for our school! Thank you Fundeo!" Jon Turner

09 Mar '13 - Club Fundraising Race Night Douglas IOM

"Great event maybe come back and repeat later in year as well." Gordon Scott

09 Mar '13 - Club Fundraising Addlestone, Surrey

"Fantastic fun night that is so easy to use. Thank you!" Tracy Horan

02 Mar '13 - Club Fundraising Melrose, Borders

"Brilliant. Absolutely successful event. Maybe come back in August as well." Gordon Scott

15 Feb '13 - Club Fundraiser, Leighton Buzzard

"When selling tickets people thought it was live- with real snails! The age range was 5 yrs - 70 yrs + and everyone commented- 'What a great night (!)'. Thanks!!!" Mr & Mrs Vincent

17 Jan '13 - Military Fun Race Night Event, Barnstable

"Another fantastic DVD event from Fundeo. Great fun as always. Will be back soon." Richard Hall

24 Dec '12 - Christmas Party Snail Racing in the North Sea

"It was held as a fun night rather than fundraising and it was a total success. I have never seen so many grown up men and women become so excited watching cartoons." Brian Blake

21 Dec '12 - Fundraising Race Night in Shetland Isles

"A great night was enjoyed by all. Thanks Fundeo." Desley Stickle

10 Dec '12 - Corporate Event Race Night Leatherhead

"Excellent entertainment." David Dunn

01 Dec '12 - Fundraising Lancashire

"The evening was a great success and brought an added buzz compared to the "ordinary" horse racing nights. Ideal opportunity of raising funds for charities and clubs whilst everyone remains entertained." Antony Walton

01 Dec '12 - Football Club Fundraising London

"The Fundeo Snail Racing concept is unique and the room was full of children and adults alike screaming for a snail to win the race!" Ben Murphy

01 Dec '12 - Fund raising Lancashire

"This was our 2nd Snail Race night and we had great fun. We will definitely hold another one as it is a good and fun way of raising money for charity. Thank you all at Fundeo" Denise Wakefield

30 Nov '12 - Charity Fundraising, Notts

"Fantastic evening had by all. The races went down a storm. We have already agreed to carry out another evening next year. Thanks to Fundeo for all their help." Dean Cobley

24 Nov '12 - Football Club Fundraising Oxon

"Great fun night for all the kids." Suzanne Green

17 Nov '12 - Club Fundraising Hants

"A great, fun evening enjoyed by the youngest (3 years) to the oldest (85 years young). Scope, Hannah's Holiday Home and Street Revolution Portsmouth all to gain." Steve Cox

03 Nov '12 - Fund raising Essex

"Everyone had a great time - kids and adults all loved the snails. Was a good evenings' entertainment as well as being a fund raising event." Irene Blowers

03 Nov '12 - Club Fundraising Renfrewshire

"Excellent night. Really good fun. Definitely the new era for fundraising race nights! Can not recommend highly enough." Craig McGregor

02 Nov '12 - Football Club Fundraising Aberdeenshire

"Fantastic excellent night - as usual fundeo produce the goods. Best fundraiser we've had so far." Bruce Tait

27 Oct '12 - Club Fundraising Notts

"Once again we had a very enjoyable evening courtesy of Fundeo." Leanne Gravil

19 Oct '12 - Club Fundraising Wrexham

"Good fun night for both children and adults." Sharon Smith

19 Oct '12 - Club Fundraising Kent

"Excellent evening. Our 3rd Fundeo Snail Race Night." Anthony Orpwood

17 Oct '12 - Corporate fundraising Greater London

"Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable evening." Jane Pack

14 Oct '12 - Birthday Party Gloucestershire

"I arranged the snail racing for my Son's 40th birthday. It was a huge success and a fun-packed family friendly afternoon. Everybody commented on what a perfect afternoon's entertainment it was." Valerie Cook

13 Oct '12 - Party West Glamorgan

"Had a great evening- good family fun." Cathie Talbot

13 Oct '12 - Scout Fundraising Surrey

"Fund Raising is tough but Fundeo Snail Racing makes it easy. Everyone has such a good time that it is a completely painless way to raise money. One night's Snail Racing (with a bit of prep) raised the equivalent of 8 to 10 Jumble Sales. I know which I'd rather do!!" Graham Nash

12 Oct '12 - Fundraising West Lothian

"Thank you for the speedy service. You are a life saver!" Cheryl Dingwall

22 Sep '12 - Fundraising Essex

"An excellent evening. The children absolutely loved it." Richard Lehman

22 Sep '12 - Club Fundraising Cambs

"What a fantastic evening. No one knew what to expect and it was very good fun. I have passed on details which will result in another booking which I will go to. Absolutely hilarious."Mrs M Hawkins

15 Sep '12 - Fund raising Aberdeenshire

"Superb product. I've used the Fundeo snail racing a few times and it just gets better each time. Minimal effort - Maximum profit"

15 Sep '12 - Charity Fundraising Surrey

"Enjoyable evening had by all." Frederick Swaden

07 Sep '12 - Fundraising Co Down

"A hilarious night's entertainment, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Most people had not been to a (Fundeo) Snail Race before and everyone commented on how much fun it was." Jonathan McBride

31 Aug '12 - Charity Fundraising Norfolk

"Service was utterly superb - amazing delivery times." Julian Gamble

21 Jul '12 - Cricket Club Fundraising Essex

"Excellent night had by all- our 3rd Fundeo Snail Night in as many seasons." Matthew Coleman

19 Jul '12 - Party Shefford

"There were definately some reservations as the evening began but as soon as the samurai sword came out and the carnage began it became a great success. Thanks very much!" Kimberley Peterson

14 Jul '12 - Fundraising Essex

"Everyone really enjoyed themselves and thought it was a very good idea." Gill Ridley

22 Jun '12 - Party Devon

"Another great Night with Snail Racing from Fundeo. Keep up the good work." Kevin Chadwick

16 Jun '12 - Club Fundraising Angus

"A great night as usual from Fundeo. The 'special guest' made the night!!" Catriona Bennett

15 Jun '12 - Birthday Party Greater Manchester

"Fab event - a real laugh." Vicky Griffin

09 Jun '12 - Charity Fundraising Hertfordshire

"Excellent service thank you. Especially the gentleman over the phone." Karen Winter

19 May '12 - Event Isle of Man

"What a fantastic night had by all!" Brian Cowin

19 May '12 - School Fundraising West Yorkshire

"WHAT A NIGHT!!! The School Hall was full and everyone had a great time; ears are ringing this morning from the children screaming for their snails."

18 May '12 - Corporate event Sussex

"We hosted a charity golf day and then Fundeo snail racing in the evening. It was a brilliant evening and we will be coming back for more! We expect a further two events from people that attended our event. Thanks very much." John Miller

13 May '12 - Fundraising Event Angus

"Excellent service once again. Thanks Fundeo :-) Will be back later this year for an adult one." Tracey Roberts

11 May '12 - School Fundraising Middlesex

" My son and I had a really enjoyable evening out. Didn't know what to expect and was more than pleasantly surprised." A comment from a parent (passed on by organiser Clifton Gage)

28 Apr '12 - Fundraising Beds

"Weather poor so low turn out. Everybody thought it was great fun." Andy Mawson

27 Apr '12 - Charity Fundraising Angus

"A very successful evening. Lots of fun and laughter. A great buzz." Allan Webster

31 Mar '12 - Charity Fundraising Aberdeenshire

"Excellent fun got whole families involved, cannot recommend this highly enough, fantastic fun." Bruce Tait

30 Mar '12 - Fundraising Event Berkshire

"Thank you." Martin Bishop

24 Mar '12 - Charity Fundraising Essex

"Another great night for everyone at the club." Dave Haley

24 Mar '12 - Charity Fundraising Essex

"Many people who attended our event, took details from the programme, as they were interested in putting on a race for their own groups . . . " Mrs Irene Blowers

10 Mar '12 - Charity Fundraising Orkney

"Fun- fun - fun." Lorna Munson