Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

01 Feb '08 - School Fundraising Aberdeenshire

"Will definately use again!!!" Carol Spence

12 Jan '08 - Birthday Party Cambs

"Another fun packed evening was had by all. Those new to the event were impressed and entertained and all laughed out loud." Andy McGeown

28 Dec '07 - Christmas Party Roxburghshire

"An excellent alternative to horse racing and certainly more suited to a mixed audience." Tony Pringle

22 Dec '07 - Snail Racing, Co Antrim

"This is an excellent night as a club fundraiser. We intend to hold a similar event in 2008 and already feedback indicates we will have a much larger crowd next time." Mark O'Neill

20 Dec '07 - Event London

"This is the 2nd time we have hosted a snail racing event. We were once again very pleased." Lucy Heavens (Fiserv Europe Ltd)

13 Dec '07 - Christmas Party Aberdeenshire

"Great fun- thank you!" Gary McIntosh

08 Dec '07 - Race Night, Herts

"This was my 5th Snail Race with Fundeo and yet again it was excellent. A very reliable fundraising tool." Nik Allen

01 Dec '07 - Snail Racing, Thurrock, London

"Excellent night had by all." Joyce Sackey

30 Nov '07 - Race Night, Oxon

"Very good service and entertainment source. Thank you." Mrs L Mitchell

24 Nov '07 - Event Essex

"Absolutely fantastic fun night which everybody enjoyed from start to finish!" Marc Bilton

24 Nov '07 - School Fundraising South Yorkshire

"We had a great evening. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The children made such a noise 'cheering' and 'booing' the snails, we could'nt hear much else! It was excellent!" Sharon Stone

24 Nov '07 - Club Fundraising Surrey

"4th Fundeo event and as successful as ever. Now our staple annual fundraiser." Graham Nash

24 Nov '07 - Race Night, Swansea

"Fantastic night. Everybody really enjoyed and very excited during races 'cos of the suspense." Andrew Richards

23 Nov '07 - Snail Racing, Angus

"Great service, captures the kids imagination." Fraser Johnston

23 Nov '07 - Snail Racing, Northants

Rated as excellent in all aspects by organiser: Mrs Tracy Johnson, Banbury, Oxon

17 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising Herefordshire

"A fun event for all ages but don't count your chickens before they are hatched!" Richard Powell

17 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising Gloucestershire

"Good night out enjoyed by everyone. A good fundraiser. Easy to use." Geoff Ranson

17 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising Kent

"It was a new kind of race night for all of us. We had a great time and raised a lot of money for local charities. A great success which we will recommend to others." John Hawkins

10 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising West Midlands

"Our Inner Wheel Club used the snail racing to fund comforts for the Children's Cancer Ward at Birmingham Children's hospital. The support we received was excellent." Mrs Bettine Benjamin

10 Nov '07 - Party Cheshire

"Children and adults had great fun cheering their snails along." Paula Farthing

10 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising Perthshire

"Fantastic evening, everyone thought the snail racing was first class." Alan Fraser

09 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising North Lincs

"Another wonderful night enjoyed by all our regulars plus newcomers too." Stuart Everatt

03 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising Aberdeenshire

"I'd like to say a big thank you on behalf of Abergeldie fun raising night team. The evening was a huge success . . ." Kevin Dalgarno

02 Nov '07 - Charity Fundraising Lancs

"Excellent entertainment and value for money." Andrea Wrigley

31 Oct '07 - Charity Fundraising Worcestershire

"A great family fun night out. Had the audience on their feet screaming at the screen. Each race offers a new and exciting surprise." Mark Hannaford

27 Oct '07 - Charity Fundraising East Sussex

"This is our 3rd fund raising event using Fundeo. It just gets better and better, again lots of money raised for G.O.S.H. Thank you." Paul Rodemark

26 Oct '07 - Party Lincolnshire, Lincs

"After countless horse racing nights this was a real surprise, very entertaining." John Rodgers

25 Oct '07 - Corporate event London

"An entertaining evening full of cheers, groans and laughter." Gary Campbell

12 Oct '07 - Charity Fundraising Warwickshire

"Evening was a great success, enjoyed especially by the young." John Lawton

12 Oct '07 - Party Lancs

"The evening went off OK but numbers attending were reduced due to a 'bug' which is going around the area, you or myself cannot control such eventualities. Those that did attend all enjoyed the evening." John Owen

06 Oct '07 - Video Race Night, Herts

"Yet again a roaring success. Adults and children had a great time. Would recommend to anyone fundraising. Great service from ordering to returning items." Liz Robins

05 Oct '07 - School Fundraising Hants

"Brilliant- great fun for the whole family." Christine Adams

04 Oct '07 - Charity Fundraising Lincs

"Another fun and entertaining night. Each race has a surprising twist! There can't be an easier way to raise funds for a good cause." Sue Forth

02 Oct '07 - Party Co Antrim

"Most people present had never attended a snail racing event before. They were all pleasantly surprised and found it very entertaining. As the races progressed the bets increased as people got 'snail fever'." Steve Slater

29 Sep '07 - Charity Fundraising East Sussex

"Great fundraising, everyone found it very hilarious. Will definately do another one and expect a bigger atendance as everyone is talking about how much fun it was." Rod Cornelius - The Kings Head Pub

29 Sep '07 - Video Race Night, Leicestershire

"Easy to run, thoroughly enjoyable and a great fundraising evening. What more could you ask for? Many thanks Fundeo!" Simon Bailey

29 Sep '07 - Charity Fundraising West Yorkshire

"An excellent evening had by all. Fun races - kids love it and adults too. Did'nt think we could beat last year's snail race night but the school hall was packed full and the noise deafening when the races started .. my favourite DVD compilation so far- well done Fundeo!!" Dawn Arnison

14 Sep '07 - Charity Fundraising Angus

"The event went extremely well and was thoroughly enjoyed by all." Katy Webster (Manager Angus Carers Centre)

14 Sep '07 - DVD Race Night Essex

"Never laughed so much- well done really good. Tickets made light work for a successful evening." Tanya Bartram

31 Aug '07 - Party West Sussex

"A great fun evening had at the touch of a 'play' button!!- Thank you." Colin Bidwell

18 Aug '07 - Party Shropshire

"Everyone had a fantastic time. Definately recommend it to others. Thank you." Roger Smith.

18 Aug '07 - Party Powys

"Family fun for everyone - great for fundraising - family or team building events." Cathie Talbot

18 Aug '07 - Pub Race Night, Powys

"Very good entertainment- the people present enoyed the evening - as a fundraiser Fundeo made the evening easy to run - thank you Fundeo from Llanrhaeadr Supporters Club." Wendy Vaughan

28 Jul '07 - Video Race Night, Zambia

"We raised K24¸ 000¸ 000 (Zambian Kwacha). We donated a small amount to the local cerebral palsy foundation and the rest went towards refurbishing our school swimming pool. Everybody had a fantastic time and we will make it an annual event. Many thanks." Camilla Howard

24 Jun '07 - DVD Race Night Cheshire

" .. we all had a very enjoyable night." Mrs S. Sheard

23 Jun '07 - Video Race Night, Cheshire

"The best night we've had at the club for a long time - if not ever! Fantastically successful and thoroughly enjoyable!" Sarah Roberts

17 Jun '07 - Video Race Night, Devon

"We were delighted to have raised £900 for Tormohun Rotary Club. The money will go to Playpumps International which provides a system of pumping water to African villages based on a simple childrens roundabout." Mrs Jeannete Dommett

16 Jun '07 - Party Queensland

" .. a great night was had by all." Suzanne Appleyard

02 Jun '07 - Video Race Night, East Sussex

"Once again, excellent entertainment value at the same time raising 'loadsamoney' for our Bonfire Society Rotherfield and Mark Cross..Thank you." Paul Rodemark

01 Jun '07 - School Fundraising North Co Antrim

"What a great night of CRAIC. It far exceeded our expectations. Had everyone laughing and emptying their pockets to support our school. 'The Idiots Guide to Fundraising' by Fundeo should follow!!" Frank Nealis "PS. Thanks a million for a great night!"

25 May '07 - DVD Race Night Surrey

"A top entertainment for adults and kids and a great way to raise cash." Ian Knowles

18 May '07 - School Fundraising Wiltshire

"This was our first event at Moredon Primary, and it was a fantastic event, everyone enjoyed themselves, a real thumbs up from us- we'll be back next year!" Mrs E Matthews

12 May '07 - Pub Race Night, Tyne and Wear

"This was our second event and it was better than the first. Fantastic funny night - definately an annual event." Terry Armstrong

10 May '07 - Fundraising Bristol

"This is a great way to entertain the kids while ensuring maximum funds from the parents. We were able to get local businesses to sponsor the races to reduce the intial cost!!" Chris Starling. PS "We usually have a horse racing night which can isolate the children but everybody loved this!! (especially the additional querks)."

03 May '07 - Video Race Night, Leicestershire

"Fundraising is so simple and easy. Everything is done for you by Fundeo, from begining to end. Hassle free and a fantastic money making scheme. Superb entertainment too!!" Michael Wood

28 Apr '07 - Event Herts

"Excellent service and very easy to use.." Tom Timms

28 Apr '07 - Event Aberdeenshire

"Another successful fund raiser, delivered with the usual efficiency. People didn't believe it was as easy as sending an email. Very little work involved." Kenny Milne

27 Apr '07 - Party Staffs

"The 'Indians' are touring Barbados in august and as a pre-tour social get together the snail racing proved a great success, breaking the ice, meeting new people in a fun environment whilst raising a small sum for the tour funds." Paddy Heffernan

21 Apr '07 - School Fundraising Essex

"A brilliant night with much fun had by parents and children alike. We are sure that Peedy (the parrot) did do a great job but we couldn't hear much as the noise level raised by the children was SO high with the excitement!" Louise Grant-Hodges PS "Some of the children were quiet upset about their snails demise!"

20 Apr '07 - School Fundraising Warwickshire

"Really easy event to run. Greatly enjoyed by parents and children alike but also by people running the event. Thank you!" C. Adams

17 Apr '07 - Party London

"Makes the Grand National look tame! We had a fantastic evening, from 14 years old upwards, everyone really enjoyed themselves. Thank you." Matt Rowden GM's

14 Apr '07 - Event Telford and Wrekin

"Top entertainment, faultless performance, thanks Fundeo, a great night." Rob Palin

11 Apr '07 - DVD Race Night Co Down

"The service provided by Fundeo was excellent. The process of ordering and obtaining apparatus for our event was very straightforward and user friendly. Thanks Fundeo." Catherine Brown

07 Apr '07 - Party Kent

"We all had a great time. Especially the children." John French

07 Apr '07 - Video Race Night, Aberdeen

"Very easy to run. Excellent organisation of the Fundeo pack meant I had an easy time at the event. Very little for me to do- sell snails before event; tell everyone you know; get 4 bet takers & away you go!" Julie McNeil

07 Apr '07 - Video Race Night, Wiltshire

"Excellent fun- will do again!" Denzil Brockhurst

06 Apr '07 - Pub Race Night, Devon

"Once again a top night enjoyed by all. £600 raised ... will do it again next year." Charles Hughes

03 Apr '07 - Party West Midlands

"Friends across the channel in France were united in the facct that you ccan do more with snails other than eat them!!" Kev Morris

31 Mar '07 - Video Race Night, Derbyshire

"Fundeo Snail Racing makes fund raising easy and fun. Nobody minds contributing because they are enjoying themselves so much." Addendum: "A great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that took part. Once again your service was excellent and I am already being asked when we are 'doing it again'" Steve Joyce

30 Mar '07 - Video Race Night, Middlesex

"Once again a great family night." Susan Park

29 Mar '07 - Video Race Night, Aberdeenshire

"Surprisingly good entertainment which improved as the evening progressed. I am a convert!" Philip Bell

24 Mar '07 - Fundraising Race Night, Scottish Borders

"Great night had by all- raised £1100 towards floodlight maintenance." Tom Cass

24 Mar '07 - Party Lancs

"Nobody was sure what to expect for our 1st Snail Race Night but it was well worth doing and a nice change from a horse racing night. Good fun!" Glenn Rigby

24 Mar '07 - Video Race Night, Cheshire

"This is my second Fundeo event. Even bigger success than the first." Paul Savage

24 Mar '07 - School Fundraising Lancashire

"Great night had by all. Kids loved it from start to finish and the adults did too. Very easy to use and run. Thanks!" Grahame Benson, St Mary's C of E School

23 Mar '07 - Video Race Night, Perthshire

"We had a fantastic night, easy to organise and fun to do. The key is to get as much money from sponsorship of each race before the night then sit back and enjoy the evening knowing that anything else you make is a bonus." Catherine Todd

23 Mar '07 - School Fundraising Somerset

"Another excellent night. This is now an annual event for us and everyone loves it. This year we made £1850 profit so a great night. Thank you Fundeo." Grant Slade

17 Mar '07 - Event Orkney Isles

"Great night better than boring old horse racing!!" Michael Lynch

15 Mar '07 - Party Cardiff

"An excellent way of raising valuable fund for charity and have lots of fun at the same time!" David Lloyd

15 Mar '07 - Club Fundraising Somerset

"A great night well worth it." Nigel Cullum

14 Mar '07 - Corporate Fundraising London

"We had a great fun evening and raised more £££ than I expected. I think some people were a bit sceptical beforehand but I've snce had a lot of complimentary comments and enquiries." Catherine Jones

10 Mar '07 - Video Race Night, Cambs

"Get 60 kids there if you want the right atmoshere but be prepared for a headache in the morning!" Stephen Fisher

03 Mar '07 - Event Oxon

"Great night out for adults & children of all ages." Grahame Mitchell

03 Mar '07 - School Fundraising Kincardineshire

"This is our third Snail Race Night and it only gets better! Everyone comments about what a fun evening it is and they can't wait until next year's one." Catriona Masson

03 Mar '07 - PTA Fundraising Essex

"An easy to use quality package which made for a fun night. Local companies were happy to sponsor such an event which helped us raise over £2500. Thank you." David Bome, Head Teacher

03 Mar '07 - Event Scottish Borders

"Yet another successful evening. These nights are guaranteed money makers. Fun and profitable!" Tommy McCall

02 Mar '07 - School Fundraising Northants

"Had a fantastic evening. Running time of the DVD was perfect. We raised a lot of money in 2 and 1/2 hours." Alison Evans-Smith

02 Mar '07 - School Fundraising Warwickshire

"Brilliant night's entertainment. Everyone from 5 to 70 enjoyed it. The DVD made it so easy to run even the organisers got to enjoy the action." Mrs J.M. Williams

02 Mar '07 - Fundraising Race Night, Aberdeen

"It's a lot better than horse racing - as outcome is not predictable." George Ferguson

01 Mar '07 - Charity Fundraising Lincs

"What a fantastic night. We were very nervous as we had never even attended a race night before, let alone organized one but it was so easy. Thank yoiu Fundeo!" Sue Forth

17 Feb '07 - Party Hants

"A very different evening. Excellent entertainment and thoroughly enjoyed by all."

15 Feb '07 - Party Renfrewshire

"A great way to entertain ladies at the Golf Club for a social evening. No need for anyone to spend too much. Would add a charity next time." Suzanne Smith

10 Feb '07 - Fundraising Race Night, Yorkshire

"Our Fundeo Snail Racing Event was a brilliant night at Leeds Deaf Club ... It was a great success. The kids were very happy betting on the snails and found it a good laugh. Lots of fun and laughter." John Marriott (YDSC)

09 Feb '07 - Fundraising Race Night, Cambs

"Excellent entertainment enjoyed by kids and adults the same. Guidance notes and tabulator forms made organisation easier. Raised approx £1000 for Peterborough Rugby U10's and everyone had a fantastic evening. Thanks." Andrew McGeown

09 Feb '07 - Fundraising Burton on Trent

"An excellent evening- enjoyed by all, good family fun." Sally Taylor

03 Feb '07 - Fundraising Race Night, Flintshire

"Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it! Definately do it again!" Angharad Owen

03 Feb '07 - Fundraising Race Night, Staffordshire

"Thank you Fundeo! We had an excellent night's entertainment. People were saying it was the best night out they'd had for ages and we raised lots of money to boot!" Ian Birkin

02 Feb '07 - Fundraising Dundee

"Another excellent night. Lots of fun and laughter." Lynn Durkin

26 Jan '07 - Party Berks

"I had a private party and raised funds for Cancer Research as well. Fun and a good cause. Highly recommended." Julie Jones

25 Jan '07 - Corporate event Aberdeenshire

"Everyone enjoyed the snail race event. It was great fun seeing the snails "written off" in a different way in each race, kept the entertainment going. Thanks for making the organisation of the event easy!" Annd Skidmore