Testimonials from our Race Night and Bingo customers

12 Mar '05 - DVD Race Night Cheshire

"Excellent night's entertainment and great fundraiser!!" Claire Naismith

12 Mar '05 - Charity Fundraising Kent

"We had a very enjoyable night. To hear everyone shouting out for their selection was something else!" Mr. J. French

11 Mar '05 - Corporate fundraising Lanarkshire

"A nice change from the normal race night! Very impressed with the pack, left nothing for us to do. Many thanks." Karen McDonald

11 Mar '05 - Red Nose Cheshire

"Marvellous red nose fun- comic relief for all concerned." Martin Wood

04 Mar '05 - School Fundraising Hants

"Yet another successful Snail Racing Event that we have organised. Everyone had such an enjoyable evening. It's a shame that some people couldn't come as they really missed out on a great fun evening." Mr. D. Brett

03 Mar '05 - Team Building Shropshire

"We had a fantastic night, the staff thought the races were great and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!" Mr. Jerry Orchard

26 Feb '05 - Snail Race Night, Herts

"Very user-friendly format and great fundraising idea ... Many thanks for your help prior to booking." Lisa Hardman

25 Feb '05 - School Fundraising Torfaen

"Good entertaining evening. First time we had tried anything like this. Everyone enjoyed themselves and thought this was a great way to raise money. Thanks." Mrs F. Clarke

19 Feb '05 - Snail Race Night, Surrey

"The evening was well attended, everyone enjoyed themselves very much and we raised more than we expected. A very successful event. Many thanks." Roger Perry

18 Feb '05 - Club Fundraising Manchester

"Great night. Some of the snails interviewed actually looked like some of the owners which was quite funny. Thanks." Joe Warburton

12 Feb '05 - Snail Race Night, Essex

"A great night enjoyed by all." Frazer Freeman

04 Feb '05 - Charity Race Night, Shetland

"The most Northerly Snail Race in the UK took place on 4th February on Unst!" K. W. Mackay

29 Jan '05 - Race Night, York

"Feedback from the people who came to our evening said 'it was the best night for a long time- if not the best night at the sports club' !! Thank you Fundeo." Ben Brown

31 Dec '04 - Party London

"Outstanding fun for the party environment - for adults and kids alike." M. Wright

31 Dec '04 - Christmas Party Surrey

"Family night - enjoyed by young (7 yrs) and old (70 yrs)! Very exciting & noisy! Easy to use - no hassle." Neil Gardiner

27 Dec '04 - Christmas Party West Yorks

"The comments and feedback I received from my guests was amazing. I am sure you'll be getting a few bookings from my guests in the future. A real twist to a party!" Kay Bowers

15 Dec '04 - Charity Fundraising Angus

Excellent -raised £520 with just 26 present!

14 Dec '04 - Christmas Party Oxon

"Many thanks the night was a great success." Adam Coats

10 Dec '04 - Club Fundraising Notts

"Absolutely fabulous night. Brilliant. Enjoyed immensely by young and old. Thank you." Christine Mills

09 Dec '04 - Party Cardiff

"Great fun at Deri RFC. The slippery snails were quite devious in their determination to win!" Kevin Bradfield

05 Dec '04 - Fundraising Event York

"We received some very positive comments" Linda Hill

04 Dec '04 - Event South Yorks

"This snail racing event combined with our presentation night meant that for the first time for a number of years we made a profit instead of a loss! It was entertaining for all the family. Thank you Fundeo." John Slack

04 Dec '04 - School Fundraising Suffolk

"It was a fantastic fundraiser. We had a great time whilst making loads of money - you will be amazed at how the amounts of money build up. Thank you." Fundraising. Jax Adkin

27 Nov '04 - School Fundraising East Sussex

"Thank you for all your help organising our fundraising event. I can highly recommend a snail racing evening to anyone who needs to raise funds and have great fun at the same time!" Susan Muschamp

27 Nov '04 - Event Surrey

"Couldn't fault this and would recommend it to any fund-raisers. The atmosphere was great from the off. I kind of regret not going for the auction option as well but perhaps I'm being greedy. We made a mint as it was." Graham Nash

27 Nov '04 - Football Club Fundraising Essex

"Great fun. Everyone enjoyed the witty hosting and eventful races." Neil Jude

24 Nov '04 - Fundraising Notts

"Everyone had really enjoyed the great entertainment evening! Brilliant night!" Angela Holmes

20 Nov '04 - Party Entertainment Essex

"Great fun, great entertainment, better than horse racing, a lotta' laughs!" Carol Fuge

20 Nov '04 - Fundraising Swansea

Raised £200 with just 20 people!

20 Nov '04 - Scout Fundraising West Yorks

"Great entertainment and we made money as well !" Phil McStay

19 Nov '04 - Charity Fundraising Co Durham

"Fantastic entertainment and something different. I have never seen people getting so excited about computer generated snails!! Great laugh." Mr. J.P.L. Heatherington

18 Nov '04 - Corporate event Surrey

"Good fun had by all." Mark Ames

17 Nov '04 - Fund raising Cardiff

"A very innovative approach to fund raising. Excellent feedback from our guests. Running the event was very easy using your simple guide. Thanks for the ideas and everything." Graham Davies

12 Nov '04 - Party Essex

"Great night had by all, we managed to raise a few bob for the club as well. Thank you." Richard Lloyd

12 Nov '04 - Charity Event Derbyshire

"Everybody really enjoyed the evening. Will certainly recommend to anyone looking to fundraise. Very successful." Deborah Dixon

11 Nov '04 - Club Fundraising Cheshire

"Everybody enjoyed the fun. Well done." Dave Selby

30 Oct '04 - Fund raising Kent

Raised £108 with just 20 people

30 Oct '04 - Fundraising Fife

"Excellent. What a great night's entertainment. Thanks." Tony Dowie

27 Oct '04 - Club Fundraising Kent

"A great night for all the family." Jeff Talbot

22 Oct '04 - Fundraising Aberdeen

"The audience really got into the races and they raised a great deal of laughter.." Doug Duthie

16 Oct '04 - Charity Fundraising Lincs

"I have used Fundeo Ltd for two years and find the entire package professional with no problems whatsoever" Miriam Ellis

15 Oct '04 - Football Club Fundraising Notts

"Excellent night - everyone enjoyed it." Lesley Smalley

09 Oct '04 - School Fundraising Herts

"Excellent night! Abbots Langley School Parents Association (ALSA) raised money (375 pounds with just 29 people!)whilst having excellent adult fun, involving the local village community and shopkeepers. The night went with a blast!" Amanda Holmes

08 Oct '04 - PTA Fundraising Oxon

"Its one of the best events of the year- our best ever (snail race night)." Jo Dynan

02 Oct '04 - Fund raising Scotland

"I had some reservations before hand about the night, but these were gone by the end of the first race, a full house would have lifted the roof!!" Kenny Milne

01 Oct '04 - Fundraising Essex

"We had a great night and raised £600...Fantastic way to raise funds and have fun. Would recommend to any charity" Miss Sam Lee

24 Sep '04 - Fundraising Cambs

"An excellent, entertaining and practical way to raise money. Good stuff Fundeo". Lynne Hollis

11 Sep '04 - Birthday Party Worcs

"This was the most fun I've had whilst fully dressed!! Roll on the next birthday partty event." Paul Ella

04 Sep '04 - Hen Night Powys

" Wicked Fantastic hen night. Prizes were forfeits and gave lots of fun ideas for more fun later on in the night! " Sarah Gaskill

21 Aug '04 - Party Herts

"Great family entertainment providing lots of laughs all evening". Mrs T Burnett

21 Aug '04 - Fundraising Essex

"I did wonder where we were heading when naughty 'Nude Nancy' did her interview and 'Gay Gordon' appeared but everyone had a good laugh and all the kids loved it!" Neil Wood

03 Aug '04 - Fundraising Unst, Shetland

"A fantastic nights entertainment....Amazing.... If you're considering a snail racing evening stop considering and do it! One of the best evenings I have had in a long time, whilst raising money for charity. Unbeatable!" SAC A. R Butterfill

30 Jul '04 - Fund raising Notts

"Our best fundraiser yet. Thanks so much Fundeo. Excellent fund raising event." Nicola Haslam

24 Jul '04 - Birthday Party Kent

"Excellent Birthday Party- mazde perfect by the snail racing." Sharon Taylor

17 Jul '04 - Football Club Fundraising Cambs

"Very entertaining. A refreshing change from old fashioned race nights." Pat Comber

17 Jul '04 - Fundraising Powys

"Good fun night and highly effective fundraising." Steve Moreton

11 Jul '04 - Charity Fundraising Herts

"Great fun. Raised lots of money - will be using again." Ian Hirth

02 Jul '04 - Fundraising Wrexham

"A very quick and excellent service .... I found the website and its information and instructions excellent. From an order on Tuesday night, to delivery on Thursday afternoon for our presentation on Friday night was one fast and efficient service." Wayne Jones

02 Jul '04 - Fund raising Birmingham

"A fun and exciting night enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Each race was unique and no outcome could be predicted until the results were posted." Sonia Adams

02 Jul '04 - Fundraising W. Midlands

"Fundeo snail racing is a thoroughly enjoyable evening both for adults and children. It is difficult to believe adults can get so excited over cartoon snails racing, but they do. It is also profitable. Thank you." Mrs G Garner

26 Jun '04 - Charity Fundraising Lincs

"This was our second Fundeo Snail Racing Night and was as enjoyable and excitable as our first one." Mr S Everatt

19 Jun '04 - Church Fundraising Cardiff

"We had a very enjoyable evening and raised over £400 for St Philip Evans Parish Centre. Thank you very much." Jan Brown

12 Jun '04 - Fund raising Angus

"Just brilliant! Will use again and again. Thank you from Arbroath Vics." Ken Simpson

12 Jun '04 - Fund raising Somerset

"A very entertaining night for all ages!" Miss R. McCarthy

11 Jun '04 - Corporate event W Midlands

"Never thought I'd see and hear people getting so excited over cartoon snails!" Gerry Jackson

22 May '04 - Birthday Party Manchester

"Fantastic Birthday Party fun was had by all. Everyone thought this was the best of all the party event ideas." Didier Ledoux

22 May '04 - Party Angus

"This event was the best laugh we have had in the club for a long time, and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great fun evening and an easy way to raise money for a good cause". Jackie Hall

22 May '04 - Fund raising Cheshire

"Most helpful staff- couldn't do enough to help. Great night's entertainment. Enjoyed by everyone, will definitely have another one next year! Thank you to everyone!" Claire Naismith

22 May '04 - Corporate event Durham

"A cracking corporate event. Enjoyed by all." Alan Reed

21 May '04 - School Fundraising Somerset

"A big hit allowing us to exceed our fundraising expectations. Still the talk of the village!" Martina Tarbrooke

18 May '04 - Fundraising Hants

"Thank you Fundeo. Your snail racing ensured we raised £700 easily. Much less hassle than a quiz night and so much more fun! We will be back soon!" Julie Bottomley

15 May '04 - Fund raising Cambs

"Many thanks for the express service, a fun evening with lots of surprises." Mark Hollis

15 May '04 - Fundraising Staffs

"Thank you for your excellent service and advice, we enjoyed our fundraising event and your service made it an easy event to organise." Phil Richards

14 May '04 - Fund raising Cheshire

"This is the second snail race night we've held. Of all the ideas this is greatest for entertainment and fundraising- very funny snail antics! Will definitely be having a third. Cheers!" Mrs. C. Cox

10 May '04 - Party Hants

"Brilliant party ideas. Where else can you get a shotgun toting snail! " R. Moffat

08 May '04 - Fundraising Shropshire

"An entertaining and easy way to raise money. An excellent time was had by us all." Mrs. G Newlyn

08 May '04 - Fund raising W. Yorkshire

"Everybody was excited. People enjoyed it....." Lee Johnson

02 May '04 - Sports Club Fundraising Herts

"Excellent value for money!!" Nic Kemp

01 May '04 - Party Kent

"We had a great night. Enjoyed by all who were here." Mr. J. French

30 Apr '04 - Fundraising Borders

"A unique way of raising funds. Fun for all." Tommy McCall

24 Apr '04 - Fundraising Surrey

"Another excellent snail race. A great way to raise money! Look forward to seeing Peedy and his snails next year." Dr Martin Thomas

16 Apr '04 - Fundraising Surrey

"It was a very fun packed night, everyone had a good time and enjoyed the snails antics during the races making it all the more exciting! A simple and effective way to fundraise! Thank you." Victoria Nash

16 Apr '04 - Birthday Party West Yorkshire

"A private 18th Birthday Party for our daughter attended by all ages. Made for really good party, easy to do, everybody said how much they had enjoyed it, easy to order too on website. Something different for any birthday party. Thanks." Mrs P Kilduff

09 Apr '04 - Sports Club Fundraising Norfolk

"What a brilliant night! We raised double on what we expected to. Thank you Peedy- you were great!" Steve Hodgson

09 Apr '04 - Fundraising Devon

"Top quality fun had by all, not one complaint with many asking when the next race night is being held. Many thanks to you all for making such an easy and fun fundraising event." Charles Hughes

03 Apr '04 - Fund raising Somerset

"Of all the fundraising ideas this proved to be the easiest and most fun." Mrs Larcroft

02 Apr '04 - Fundraising Cardiff

"What a brilliant evening. Of all the fundraising ideas this was best. Everyone enjoyed themselves and can't wait for the next event". Janet Brown

27 Mar '04 - Charity Fundraising Oxon

"Charity Fundraising at its best. If you are looking for charity fundraising ideas then look no further. Charity fundraising could not be easier." Jim Hogg

27 Mar '04 - Charity Fundraising Angus

"Don't know where to start. Never seen so many grown ups act like excited kids. Absolutely brilliant- again. Can't wait to organise the next one!" Tracey Roberts

26 Mar '04 - Party Bristol

"Excellent entertainment. Great service and thoroughly enjoyable evening that ran itself. Thank you". Amanda Bray

18 Mar '04 - School Fundraising Gt London

"Very easy to run, great fun for all, fantastic school fundraiser". Ian Simmonds

12 Mar '04 - Scout Fundraising Warwickshire

"With a bit more quality organising on our part I am sure we would have raised over £400. A great night- and was asked 'when is the next one?' Thanks." A. Marsella

05 Mar '04 - School Fundraising Wrexham

"A fantastic night. Great fun for all ages. The children were amazed. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. An excellent fundraising tool. Well done Fundeo!" Martin Dobie

05 Mar '04 - Club Fundraising Middlesex

"Easy to use, easy to follow, sit back and enjoy a great night at the races. Excellent service from ordering to watching on the night. Well done Fundeo - 10 out of 10." Mr Mark Jeffries

03 Mar '04 - Charity Fundraising Highland

"Fun night- however everyone was dissapointed when the racing was over - it proved a hard act to follow". Miss Mackenzie

28 Feb '04 - Church Fundraising Kent

"We thought the whole event was a great success, a really good laugh with lots of surprises in store. Something different and the ordering/video process was really easy" Joscelyne Hynard

28 Feb '04 - Race Night, Cambs

"Excellent entertainment. Thanks we had a fabulous evening, lots of laughter." Frances Hayward

27 Feb '04 - PTA Fundraising Hants

"What a laugh! Video was much more entertaining than expected. The crowd (children and adults) really got involved. Thanks." Mrs S. Lewis

21 Feb '04 - Football Club Fundraising Notts

"This is a great way to raise funds and have fun, I would recommend Fundeo products to anyone." Steve Kemp

09 Feb '04 - Football Club Fundraising Angus

"Great idea and provides a different slant on the normal race nights." Brian McCulley